The Full List Of Bathroom Cleaning Supplies You Need!

Having the right cleaning supplies can transform your bathroom cleaning routine.

No more scrambling for the right product – with this checklist, you'll know what to use to treat mould, limescale, disinfect surfaces, and make your bathroom clean in less time.

Bathroom cleaning supplies list

Allow me to give you the most comprehensive bathroom cleaning supplies list ever! 

I'll also give you an eco-friendly supply list for those who prefer using natural cleaning products.

Best Bathroom Cleaning Products and Tools List

Here's a list of everything you need to clean a bathroom.

You can store them all in a cleaning caddy in or near your bathroom for easy access. 

Toilet Cleaning Products

To clean your toilet you'll need the following: 

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner/ Thick Bleach: A good toilet cleaner will help loosen stains in the toilet.
  • Toilet Brush: The firm bristles helps to pick up the dirt and loosen it from the surface of the toilet bowl. Some toilet brush designs have a rim cleaner as well.
  • Plunger: This tool is useful for removing blockage in toilets.
  • Limescale Remover: Sometimes you can't escape hard water stains in your toilet and a targeted limescale remover will help you get rid of that.
  • Citric Acid: This is very useful for removing any hard water stains in your toilet. See the magic it performed on my friend's toilet here.
  • Good Quality Microfibre Cloth: Be sure to buy really good quality cloths and they make a massive difference and last for a long time with proper care.
  • Pumice Stone: This is slightly different to the one on used on the feet. Toilet pumice stones are on a stick and are less abrasive.

Bathtub/ Shower Cleaning Products

These products will make your bathtubs and showers shine.

  • Cleaner: There are so many options for cleaners you can use here but a few of my favourite are dish soap and cream cleaner.
  • Sponge: This is useful to help loosen any dirt or stains from the surface after you have poured your cleaner. 
  • Scrub Brush: Alternatively, you can use a scrub brush instead of a sponge to help loosen dirt. I sometimes use a new dish brush or even an electric scrub brush to make cleaning faster.
  • Grout Brush: I find it useful to have a grout brush or even an old toothbrush to properly clean between the tiles and shower floor that a sponge or bigger brush might not reach. 
  • Squeegee: These are particularly handy for removing water from glass shower doors and walls. A good quality squeegee will give you a streak free glass.
  • Mould Remover: One of the biggest problems I experience in my shower besides soap scum is mould. Having a good mould remover will deal with this problem easily.
  • Limescale Remover: If you live in a hard water area like I do then you likely have limescale everywhere in your bathroom. Treating it with a limescale remover before cleaning will help you get rid of this problem,

If you need a bathroom cleaning routine or checklist, I have written a step by step guide for bathroom cleaning here.

Cleaning Products for Bathroom Mirrors and Cabinets

Wash mirror spray

To get streak free mirrors in your bathroom, use these products:

  • Microfibre Cloth: This is useful for cleaning the mirror surface and the cabinets. Use with water or any all purpose cleaner of your choice. 
  • Glass Cloth: After cleaning with a microfibre cloth go over the mirror quickly with a glass cloth. This will give you the best streak-free mirrors. See other mirror cleaning hacks here.
  • Mirror Cleaner: If you prefer using a mirror cleaner, you can easily make your own or buy a commercial mirror cleaner.
  • Furniture Polish: This is useful to have if you have real wood cabinets in your bathroom.

Bathroom Floor Cleaning Products

Now when it comes to cleaning your bathroom floors, you need a few good tools and products.

  • Vacuum: This helps to remove hair, dust and dirt easily from the floor
  • Floor Cleaner: A good floor cleaner loosens dirt and makes it easy to mop the floors, especially tile floors. 
  • Mop and Bucket: You can use a microfibre mop or a steam mop depending on the type of floors you have.
  • Scrub Brush: If the floors are particularly stained or dirty, you can use a long handle scrub brush over it first before mopping.
  • Grout Brush: This is helpful if you have tiles floors and there are stains in any of the grout lines.

General Bathroom Cleaning Products 

soda crystals

Here are some other general bathroom cleaning product and tools that are great to have in your caddy or kit. 

  • Rubber Gloves: You shouldn't handle your bathroom cleaning with bare hands. Some cleaning products are strong and you don't want that coming in contact with your skin.
  • Antibacterial Wipes or Spray: This is useful for wiping areas like door handles or even toilet handles and minimise the spread of germs.
  • Duster: Bathrooms are one of the dustiest spaces in the house so having a duster for cobwebs, the top of your mirror, exhaust fan and other surfaces is so useful.
  • Bar Keeper's Friend: This is one of the best products fro removing rust from stainless steel or chrome taps, and even toilets. 
  • Soda Crystals: I find this cleaner powerful for fixing a slow running sink. Just pour in your sink along with very hot water and don't use the sink overnight. 
  • Paper Towel: These are useful for cleaning the toilet or mopping up stains so that you don't ruin your microfibre cloths. You can also use them to wipe your toilet seat.
  • Drain Clog Remover: If you have slow moving sink or shower drains, they might be clogged with hair. Use any drain clog remover to get rid of this.

Best Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Supply List

Here are all the best natural cleaning supplies you need for a clean bathroom. 

citric acid
  • Citric Acid: is getting a lot of attention in natural home cleaning and it's exciting to see. Use citric acid to clean toilets, remove hard water stains from taps and showers etc
  • White Vinegar: Good old trusted white vinegar is still excellent for removing limescale, cleaning toilets and making good mirror cleaners. It also removes germs and deodorises the bathroom.
  • Baking Soda: This can be used on it's own or with other products to remove stains and get rid of odours.
  • Lemon: contains citric acid which is really good at removing limescale from surfaces. 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: is so good at tackling mould, removing odours and even cleaning glass.
  • Soda Crystals/ Sodium Carbonate: If you need to loosen oil stains and unclogging drains.
  • Essential Oils: are good when you need a natural scent in your DIY cleaning products. Some also have disinfectant properties
  • Castille Soap: They are a good alternative to harsh cleaners especially if you have sensitive skin
  • Eco Friendly Dish Soap: Dish soap solves half of most cleaning need. Use an eco friendly version to clean your toilets, taps, bath and showers.
  • Spray Bottle: It's handy to have a spray bottle in case you need to make any DIY product or distribute some eco friendly cleaners like vinegar. 

Best DIY Bathroom Cleaning Recipes

Cleaning your bathroom with natural products can be fast and easy if you know how to whip up some of these cleaning recipes. 

eco cleaning spray

Daily Shower Spray

This recipe by Rebecca Sullivan from the book 'The Art of Natural Cleaning' is great if you need a spray for your shower and bath tub that will reduce how often you need to scrub it. 

  • 500ml warm water (use distilled water if storing it)
  • 30g bicarbonate of soda
  • 50ml white vinegar
  • Spray bottle

Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle. Shake and spray onto the bath or shower and scrub if necessary. Rinse thoroughly to avoid streaks

Mould Remover

This is useful for areas that have mould or mildew growth in your bathroom.

You can also soak your shower curtain in water and this mix if you have any mould on it. 

  • 1/2 cup bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide

Mix to form a paste and add more bicarbonate of soda or hydrogen peroxide if needed. See how I use it to remove mould from my tiles here.

Antibacterial Spray

This is a really effective disinfectant spray to have on hand. 

  • 1 cup of water (use distilled water if storing)
  • 1/3 cup of vinegar
  • 8 drops tea tree and lemon essential oils (optional)

Mix in a spray bottle and use to sanitise surfaces and door knobs.

Rust Stain Remover

If you have any rust stains that are not budging try this combination:

  • 1/3 cup citric acid
  • 3-5 drops of eco-friendly dish soap
  • 1/2 cup water

Mix these in a bowl till dissolved and put over any rust stains.

Let it sit for a few hours and wash off. 

Toilet Bomb

Toilet bombs are one of the best low effort toilet cleaners.

They help your toilets stay free of stains and limescale. 

Simply drop them in the toilet before bed and flush in the morning. Here's how to make your own: 

  • 1 cup of baking soda 
  • 1/4 cup of citric acid
  • 1 teaspoon eco dish soap
  • Silicone mould

Mix carefully until it clumps together.

Put it in a mould and let it set for 6 hours or leave overnight for best results.

You can find a more detailed toilet bomb recipe here.

I hope this helped! Leave me a comment below if you have any questions. 

Bathroom cleaning supplies storage


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