The BEST Printable Deep Clean Checklist for Your Bathroom

If a deep clean of your bathroom is next on your cleaning list, I am so glad we found each other. 

This isn't just a printable bathroom deep clean checklist – it's your step-by-step guide to ACTUALLY deep cleaning your bathroom.

bathroom deep cleaning

I'll walk you through my entire deep cleaning process, ensuring you hit every nook and cranny.

So, grab your cleaning supplies, print the free checklist (no emails needed) and lets transform your bathroom!

step by step bathroom deep clean checklist

Step By Step Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

This is the best order to clean your bathroom.

Step #1: Pre-Treat Stains (10 Minutes)

The first step I always do in my bathroom cleaning routine is treat stains and limescale. 

  • Hard water stains: Apply a hard water stain remover to taps/faucets (around the neck and mouth), showerheads, toilets and glass shower doors. Let it sit for the recommended time.
  • Toilet: Flush and pour toilet bowl cleaner under the rim and into the bowl. Unscrew the toilet seat cover and treat that area as well. 
  • Stains: Mix your own or use a commercial stain treatment to treat any other stains in your bathroom.

Step #2: Declutter the Space (15-20 Minutes) 

Next it's time to declutter your bathroom to give you a clear space for cleaning. Here are some things you might consider doing. 

  • Remove all items from countertops, and the bathtub niche and place everything outside the bathroom 
  • Declutter the cabinets and throw away/replace empty product bottles
  • Remove bath mats and put in the washing machine
  • Soak the hand towels to wash later or put in the washing machine
  • Clean and disinfect shower curtain or put in washing machine and replace with a new one
  • Clean the vents/ exhaust fan if you have any
  • Remove cobwebs if present

Step #3: Sweep/Vacuum The Floors (6 Minutes)

After decluttering, I do a first sweep/ vacuum of the floor to get rid of dust and hair that might be on the floor.

This helps me get rid of dirt when I get to mopping the floors later.

  • Sweep or vacuum up any hair or dirt on the floor
  • Don't forget to vacuum the skirting boards/ baseboards if you have any.

Step #4: Deep Clean (30 minutes to 1 hour)

deep cleaning bathroom


  • Clean shower walls and floor: Buy or mix your own all purpose cleaner in a spray bottle and apply your cleaning solution to the shower walls and tub, floor, and any fixtures. Scrub with a sponge or brush in circular motion, paying special attention to corners and grout lines
  • Clean shower head and taps: The pre-treatment should have loosened stains and soap scum around the showerhead and taps. Clean and rinse thoroughly
  • Rinse thoroughly: Rinse away all cleaning products with warm water and repeat cleaning if needed.
  • Wipe: Wipe dry with a dry microfibre cloth.


  • The toilet cleaner should have worked by now. Use the toilet brush to scrub inside the bowl and a toothbrush to scrum under the rim.
  • Flush the toilet to rinse away
  • Wipe down the toilet tank with a clean towel and all purpose spray
  • Clean the toilet seat and lid with disinfectant wipes or a clean dry cloth.

Step #5: Clean Sink, Floors and Finish up (20 Minutes)

The sink is the last place you'll clean because you can rinse off the rags you use and do a final wipe.

Bathroom Sink, Mirrors Countertop/Vanity:

  • Clean the countertop: The treatment around the bathroom tap should have worked so clean the tap/faucet and wipe down the countertop with a multi-surface cleaner
  • Clean mirrors: Use a glass cleaner or a mixture of water and white vinegar and a soft cloth to clean mirrors. Follow up with a glass cloth to leave them streak-free.
  • Dry: Clean and dry the tap/faucet handles and any other hardware.
  • Reorganise your things on the countertop
  • Freshen up with flowers if desired
  • Empty and disinfect the bin

Bathroom Floor

  • Use a brush and cleaner to remove any stains from the grout lines
  • Mop the bathroom floor with your favourite cleaner
  • Once dry, do a final sweep or vacuum to remove any dust


  • Wipe down light fixtures
  • Clean the door knobs and surrounding area with disinfectant spray and wipes.
  • Replace the hand towels with clean ones

Best Deep Cleaning Bathroom Products

While there are many amazing products for deep cleaning, here are just a few of my favourite bathroom cleaning supplies: 

For hard water stains and soap scum:

hg limescale remover
  • HG Limescale RemoverThis cleaner is so powerful. When I use it, I don't let it stay too long so it doesn't remove the shine of my hardware.
  • Viakal: This is another really popular product that removes limescale easily
  • Citric Acid: This is my absolute favourite natural product that removes limescale, rust and so much more. I love it!

For mould and mildew:

  • HG Mould Remover Spray: Another HG product I love. This spray kills mould and mildew at the source and helps prevent their return. It's great for bathroom surfaces, including walls.

For general cleaning, stains, and disinfection:

cream cleaner
  • Cream Cleaner: It's good to have a cream cleaner on hand for cleaning the tub and sink.
  • Dish Soap: Many people don't know that you can use dish soap for your bathroom and it works really well.
  • Bar Keepers Friend: This is another excellent product for rust and general stain removal. It is also great for making your stainless steel taps look new again.
  • Microfibre Cloth: I love this cloth for not just cleaning but drying off water after cleaning.
  • Glass Cloth: This is another microfibre cloth that is more tightly woven and excellent for removing streaks from glass and mirrors

For toilets:

  • Thick Bleach: I love using thick bleach for general cleaning and at night before I sleep to keep my toilet sparkling.
  • Citric Acid: I also use citric acid to remove rust stains or limescale.

Top Tips for a Consistently Clean Bathroom

Here are some of the best ways to maintain a clean bathroom and minimise the amount of deep cleaning you need to do:

woman using squeegee
  • Develop a cleaning routine: Establish a regular cleaning schedule for things like wiping down surfaces, scrubbing the toilet, and emptying the bin. It seems so simple but it helps.
  • Use a squeegee in the shower: I keep a squeegee in my shower to remove water from the glass. This saves me so much time removing water spots when its time to clean. 
  • Deal with spills immediately: If you spill water or your makeup gets on the counter, give it quick wipe immediately.
  • Keep a cleaning caddy in your toilet: You can deal with stains as soon as they happen if you have cleaning products on hand. So keep a small cleaning caddy filled with cleaning essentials in your bathroom. 

By following these tips and using effective cleaning products, you can keep your bathroom sparkling clean and fresh.

FAQs on Deep Cleaning The Bathroom

In what order should I clean a bathroom?

Here's my recommended order for cleaning your bathroom:

  1. Pre-treat: Apply a limescale remover to faucets/taps and around the toilet bowl to loosen stubborn deposits.
  2. Declutter: Remove any items from the bathroom surfaces that might be in the way, such as towels, toiletries, or bath mats.
  3. Vacuum: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove hair and dust from the floor.
  4. Deep Clean: Clean the shower, bathtub, and toilet thoroughly. Refer to individual cleaning instructions for each area.
  5. Clean the Sink: Wash the sink and mirrors.
  6. Mop the Floor: Use a microfiber mop and appropriate cleaning product to clean the floor. Don't forget to remove stains from the grout.
  7. Final Touches: After mopping, do a quick sweep with a broom or vacuum to remove any remaining dust particles or hair.

Should I clean toilet first or last?

I clean the toilet second to last, just before the sink, to minimise the risk of spreading germs to other surfaces in the bathroom.

The sink is the last stop because it serves as a final rinse for my cleaning products.

How long should it take to fully clean a bathroom?

The time it takes to clean a bathroom varies depending on the size, and how dirty it is.

If you clean it often, it can range from 15-30 minutes for a regular clean or 1-2 hours for a deep clean.

Fully cleaning my bathroom takes me about 1 hour and some change.

How often should you deep clean your bathroom?

I would recommend a deep clean every 2-4 weeks depending on how often it is used and the number of people using it. 

However, cleaning should be done on a regular basis. 

Should I shower or clean my bathroom first?

It's personal preference. Taking a shower first can mean your bathroom looks clean without any water stains after cleaning.

However, showering after cleaning can be satisfying because you are showering in a freshly cleaned bathroom. 

How do you deep clean bathroom tiles and grout?

Use a grout brush or old toothbrush to scrub the grout lines thoroughly with regular bathroom cleaner.

If you are dealing with mould use a professional mould remover spray with a toothbrush. 

Any strong mould remover with sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide will do. 

If you need a natural method, try a mix of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. 


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