Simple Step-by-Step Bedroom Cleaning Checklist + Guide

If you want a very simple bedroom cleaning checklist that walks you step-by-step through all the important deep cleaning tasks, I am so happy you landed here!

bedroom cleaning checklist

In this post, I'll walk you through the best order to clean your bedroom.

This detailed checklist will be a guide through the entire process of transforming a messy bedroom. 

"You can't clean clutter". This is one of my favourite quotes from the Flylady, the inventor of zone cleaning which completely transformed my cleaning routine. 

Before you begin working through this checklist, my suggestion is that you take a day to declutter your room.

This step is key to a successful clean.

bedroom cleaning checklist template

Step by Step Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Here's how to clean a bedroom step by step. This is the deep cleaning checklist I follow for my own bedroom.

It's important to follow a checklist because there are so many areas you can miss in a bedroom.

I hope this helps you tackle every single corner of yours. 

Step #1: Declutter and Prep the Bedroom

In this first step, we are going to declutter the room, remove any bedsheets and put them in the washing machine for cleaning.

Here are some things you should do in this step. 

cluttered bedroom
  • Go over your bed side table, dressers and desks and pick up any shoes, clothes, jewellery lying around. Put everything in their designated place.
  • Remove bedsheets, pillowcases, mattress protector, blankets, duvet covers, throw pillows, and linens from the bed. Place them in the laundry basket with other dirty clothes in preparation to wash.
  • Declutter your closet or wardrobes if you have the time or just set a day aside for it.

Step #2: Remove Cobwebs and Clean Surfaces

It's always best to work from top to bottom when cleaning because you won't dirty any surfaces you already cleaned. 

dusting side table
  • Remove cobwebs.
  • Clean the ceiling fan if you have one.
  • Dust any tall furniture, headboards, light fixtures, light switches and picture frames you have.
  • Clean any mirrors in the bedroom. Remember to use a duster to remove any dust from the top of the mirror.
  • Vacuum the mattress to get rid of dust mites. Spot treat any stains you see on the mattress. 
  • Rotate the mattress.
  • Clean and polish furniture and other surfaces thoroughly.

Step #3: Clean Windows, Treatments and Walls

Now that the space is clean, let's tackle the windows and window treatments. 

clean windows
  • Remove any removable curtains to dry clean or wash (check instructions) or simply dust them.
  • Give the windows a thorough cleaning. See how to properly clean your windows here.
  • Clean the window ledge with a damp microfibre cloth
  • Clean radiators if present.
  • Use a Flash Speed mop or a Swiffer to clean the walls.
  • Wipe the door and door handles with a damp microfibre cloth and follow with a disinfectant wipe.

Step #4: Deep Clean Floors

Now that the entire room had been dusted on to the floor, it's time to clean the floors.

  • Start by moving furniture and cleaning behind them.
  • Vacuum under the bed (an often forgotten spot) and don't be surprised if you find the biggest dust bunnies underneath.
  • Remove dust from skirting boards or baseboards.
  • Depending on the types of floors you have, use a carpet cleaner or mop the floors thoroughly

Step #5: Refresh The Bed And Organise

Everything in your room should be super clean and tidy at this point, so it's time to put it all back together and make it look good! 

freshy layed sheets on bed
  • Tidy the surfaces. Put all the things you cleared from your desks and bedside tables back and arrange them. 
  • Make the bed.
  • Empty the rubbish bin.
  • Replace any burnt light bulbs.

That's it! Your comprehensive guide to a really clean bedroom.

Now let's look at how to maintain the cleanliness of your room. 

Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Here are some of the tasks I suggest you do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to keep your bedroom in tip top shape!

bedroom cleaning checklist template

Daily Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

These are tasks that you must do on a daily basis if you want a room that is clean and feels inviting.

  • Make your bed.
  • Put things back in their original place.
  • Empty the laundry basket (if you have any)

Weekly Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

These weekly tasks are so important because if they are done consistently, Your spring cleaning tasks won't take as much time.

The things we do day to day and week to week make the biggest impact in our cleaning routine. 

  • Remove cobwebs from the ceiling.
  • Dust all furniture, side table dressers, electronics and window sill.
  • Clean and polish mirrors.
  • Empty the bin.
  • Strip and change your sheets. 
  • Wash sheets.
  • Clean skirting/ base boards.
  • Clean the door and door handles.
  • Vacuum carpet and floors and/or mop the floors (don't forget under the bed)
  • Air out the room

Monthly Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Vacuum and rotate mattress to keep it in good condition.
  • Wash the mattress cover.
  • Vacuum behind and under the bed and any furniture.
  • Clean the rugs. You can spot treat or use a carpet cleaner. (I prefer to do this every 3-6 months).
  • Declutter clothes and side tables.
  • Dust blinds or curtains.
  • Clean the windows.
  • Clean the radiators. You can use a radiator brush for this task.
  • Clean ceiling fans (if present).
  • Wipe the walls with a microfibre cloth or a disposable mop to remove any dust.
  • Dust/clean light fixtures.

Bi-Annual Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Wash/ dry clean all pillows, cushions and duvets.
  • Deep clean rugs or carpet with carpet cleaner.
  • Clean the vents to improve your air quality.

Best Cleaning Supplies for A Super Clean Bedroom

I found the best way to motivate me to clean a room.

It is having a cleaning caddy that is accessible with everything I need in case I get a sudden urge to clean.

It's made the biggest change to my cleaning process. 

Although I realise not everyone is able to do this, but here are some products you should have on hand to make deep cleaning your bedroom a lot easier.

  • A good vacuum cleaner (especially one with an upholstery attachment or a crevice tool).
  • Broom and dust pan- for corners and small crumbs.
  • Microfibre cloths or rags.
  • All-purpose cleaner spray.
  • Furniture polish (if you have real wood furniture).
  • Mop and mop bucket.
  • Carpet cleaner- worth the investment if you have carpets.
  • Lint roller - I love using this on lamp shades and upholstery.
  • Gloves - to protect your hands.

My Best Bedroom Cleaning Hacks

Here are a few of my favourite hacks for keeping your bedroom clean.

clean bedroom
  • Lint Roller: Use a lint roller over any fabric or upholstered surface in your bedroom, including headboards, chairs and even lamps. It takes the dust right off.
  • Essential oils: Keep your room smelling fresh by diffusing essential oils regularly.
  • Scent Boosters: Similar to essential oils, Keep scent boosters in fabric bags and store it in your wardrobe or behind your bed for a sweet scented room.
  • Wrinkle Release: Fill a continuous release hair spray bottle with water and spray down your sheets. Let it sit for one minute and lay your bed. You'll be surprised how well it straightens your wrinkled sheets.

I hope this checklist helps you have the cleanest bedroom ever.

A clean home (and room) takes a lot of intentionality and special attention.

You'd be surprised how those small insignificant daily tasks can add up to make your home feel more welcoming. 

We don't just get a clean bedroom because we desire one, we have to work to make it happen.

But if you are new to all of this don't expect to be perfect at it in one day. It takes time.  

Also make sure you personalise this checklist to your own home.

I have tried to cover as much as possible but the ultimate bedroom cleaning checklist is one that is personalised for just you!

Have fun cleaning!

deep cleaning bedroom checklist


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