Easy Weekly Cleaning Schedule for Working Mums (Printable!)

It's a massive juggling act isn't it?

The desire to keep our homes looking like no one lives in it, yet we have jobs to go to and children who do not give a flying hoop that you are cleaning up their mess for the 5th time in a row. 

cleaning schedules for working mums

Mum, if you need a schedule that helps you maintain a clean house or even have it look manageable, you have come to the right place and I am so glad you landed on my blog.

I'll give you the simplest, most realistic cleaning schedule that you can print out and start using right away.

The benefit of a printable checklist is that you don't have to think too much and use up any brain power especially with a busy schedule.

You just focus on what you need to do and check it off the list. 

I also asked a few mums on my Instagram for their advice. I hope that after you read this, you feel encouraged, seen, supported and remember that you are not alone.

Simple Daily Cleaning Schedule For Busy Moms

I think the trick to keeping a clean home is not piling up weekly cleaning tasks.

The magic is in those small daily cleans that seem insignificant but go such a long way. 

daily cleaning schedule for working mums
Empty Weekly Cleaning Schedule for Working Mums

I have talked about this many times before on the blog but I'll say it again.  

I am usually extremely thorough with my cleaning and I want my appliances to look like I just bought them.

My husband on the other hand has more of a 'done is better than perfect approach.' 

I noticed over time that when it comes to cleaning, even though I am more thorough, my husband's weekly cleaning routine of wiping and tidying was what actually helped us stay on top of the cleaning.

See, it's not about how well you can clean, it's about following a consistent daily cleaning schedule. 

Here's what my daily cleaning routine looks like: 


  • Make your bed: This will make your room feel so much calmer. I also make my son's bed the moment I wake him up. His favourite thing to say when he wakes up is "lelo bed" (lay your bed)
  • Wipe bathroom counters: Give your bathroom counter and toilet seats a quick wipe down
  • Unload dishwasher: Get this done while you make breakfast
  • Wipe kitchen countersWipe down spills, put away dishes, and tidy up the kitchen counter.
  • Put in a load of laundry: I empty laundry baskets and throw in the washing machine. Delay the timer to when I am home to dry it so that it doesn't smell. 
  • Clean sheets: Add sheets to the laundry pile every Friday


  • Take out laundry to dry: Laundry should be done just in time for when you get home
  • Fold laundry: If you have a daily cycle of laundry going, you'll always have some clothes to fold away. Doing this whilst I watch a TV show makes it go quicker
  • Clean dirty dishes/ load the dishwasher: Make this a non negotiable part of your evening routine. You don't want to wake up to dishes in the sink. It can instantly put you in a bad mood
  • Wipe kitchen counters and sink: This will prevent hard water stains from forming and looking like a mess
  • Vacuum floors: If you don't have the energy, invest in a robot vacuum and set it to go on at night
  • Take out bin: Bins can make the house smelly so take it out every night if you can.
  • Clear the entryway: On the way to the bedroom, tidy up your entryway and organise papers to create a calmer environment
  • Put bleach/ toilet bomb in toilet: This hack is such a low effort way to keep a toilet that is ALWAYS clean

This may not seem like a lot but it will make a massive difference, trust me!

Monthly Deep Cleaning Tasks For Working Moms

If you do your daily tasks consistently, you can hire help for these monthly tasks. 

If this is something you can afford in your life right now, please prioritise getting a cleaner.

It will free you up so much! 

You don't have to do every single thing yourself. 

Before I share some of the monthly tasks, I want to introduce you to the concept of zone cleaning.

If you have never heard of it, it's a system of cleaning where you tackle cleaning tasks for only 15 minutes a day. I think it's genius, so have a look at my post on zone cleaning and see if it helps. 

Here are some of the tasks you should focus on every month.

(There are far more tasks that could go on this list but I have specifically chosen only the high-impact activities that will make a big difference).

Monthly Deep Cleaning Schedule for Working Mums


Deep clean oven: Use the self-clean function if available, otherwise focus on the oven walls

Empty and clean refrigerator: Remove old food, clean spills and wipe down shelves and drawers with disinfectant wipe. You don't have to take out all the shelves

Clean microwave: Put a mug of boiling water in it for 5 minutes to loosen stains

Wipe down cabinets and light fixtures: Dust and remove any cobwebs.

Defrost freezer: Remove expired and old food

Deep clean dishwasher: Make this process quicker by using an in-wash cleaner. Top up the salt and clean the filter


Deep clean shower/bathtub: Use a limescale remover to spray down shower glass and tub and clean 

Clean and disinfect toilet: Pay attention to the bowl, seat, and rim jets

Wipe down mirrors and counter: Remove toothpaste splatters and dust buildup.

Wash shower curtain and bath mats: To avoid mould and mildew from growing

Living Areas:

Vacuum furniture and spot clean: Remove dust and dirt from sofa and back of sofa in the living room. Spot clean if needed

Dust curtains/ blinds: It's so easy for dust to settle on them

Dust bookshelves, electronics, and other decorative items: These are dust traps so don't forget to give them a quick once over

Wipe down skirting / baseboards and door frames: It's easy to forget to remove dust from our skirting/ baseboards. I love using the scrub daddy damp duster for this

Clean windows and mirrors: Give mirrors a quick wipe down and open the windows for fresh air

Organise, declutter, and vacuum entryway: It's the first impression of your home so get rid of unnecessary items and put things back in their place.


Vacuum under beds and furniture: Dust piles up easily under beds. Vacuum under the beds in the master bedroom and other rooms as well

Dust/ polish furniture and surfaces: Also important to remove dust buildup and improve the air quality.

Flip and rotate mattresses: We often forget to do this but its so important.

Organise closets and drawers: Sort through clothes and declutter unnecessary items.

Spot clean rugs: Remove any stains from your rugs or carpets

Air out rooms: To improve air quality and reduce allergens.

Tips and Encouragement For Keeping A Tidy Home

I really hope that helped and it isn't overwhelming. If you would like to see other cleaning schedules I have created, have a look at my free home cleaning schedules.

Before I leave you, I asked some of my followers on Instagram to share their best advice for mums who are overwhelmed with cleaning and here's what they shared with me. 

I hope these words bring you encouragement.

Always remember that you are not alone! A messy house is proof that love lives there. Keep going mama!

Have a cleaning routine, that way you won't be overwhelmed


You only have two hands! 


"There is always tomorrow" this helps me usually


Do it in batches, and don't feel guilty


Get a cleaner. I'm a firm believer a happy mum is not an exhausted overworked one. So hire out as many services as you can


Give yourself grace! Take it one at a time, try to set aside 15-30 mins a day to carry out a cleaning/household task so the pressure reduces when the weekend clean comes.

Get the kids involved, little things like picking up after themselves, cleaning the table after a meal etc.


  •   Give yourself grace
  •   A little at a time and you will be surprised how much progress it sums to
  •  Pick up, clean up as you go, don't leave it till it gets overwhelming and you need hours to fix

I hope it makes sense and you find it useful.


Don't be ashamed to hire a cleaner if you can afford it. I was for a long time.

My cleaner doesn't even do a great job but it's a support that I need.

Also get everyone in your house involved and stop trying to do it all. Do it little and often


If by you can afford it get a cleaner, takes off pressure & gives you family/ you time


Always leave a room with stuff to clear as you move around the house, not only when it's super dirty.

For instance you are leaving the bedroom in the morning, take out towels to the laundry or snack bowls if you snack in your room.


Work From Home Moms: Use screen/coffee breaks as an opportunity to put a load in the washing machine/fold/put away.

Anytime you use the loo, wipe down the sink and toilet area before washing your hands.


Your home doesn't have to be sparkling clean every moment of the day.

That's unnecessary pressure and not a standard that will bring you peace and calm as a person.

Outsource the cleaning if you are able to. It doesn't make you less of a woman.

Even the Proverbs 31 woman had maid servants. She didn't do it all.

Finally, involve your family. It is your family home, not yours alone. Assign age appropriate chores to your children and share some of the bigger tasks with your husband (if you have a husband).


More of a rant than quote because this is me right now.

 A little a day goes a long way.

Life happening meant I left mine for over a week - I am almost in tears today.

Try to do it Friday evening so it doesn't take up all of your time at the weekend.

If you work from home, sneak it into your day on Friday. For instance, start loading the wash before you log in, clean during your breaks and finish up after work.

If you can afford cleaner or even sacrifice some excesses then get a cleaner!.

Off I go on my lunch now to load 2nd wash and put washed clothes in the dryer, dust and wash one bathroom.

Wish me luck!


Outsource what you can, do quick resets with family members every evening.


To conclude, I'll leave you with this.

Honour the season of life you are in. Remember that it won't always be this way!

Sending you lots of love!


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