How To Hang A Perfect Grid Gallery Wall With Command Strips

Let me show you how we hung the perfect gallery wall using only command strips without any fancy tools, levels or paper template. 

perfect grid gallery wall

When we lived in our previous rental apartment, I used command strips to hang all the art because I was scared of losing our deposit.

Now that we live in our own home, I still carried on the same habit.


Because command strips are not just for avoiding damage to your walls.

I use them because I want to be able to change my mind on decor without having a bunch of holes to patch. 

Whether you want to create a grid gallery wall or a just hang a simple gallery wall with cohesive art, these are my best tips for hanging the absolute best command strips gallery wall.

Let me warn you, It might take a little longer without fancy tools but I have done the work to make this little bit easier for you. 

Hang The Perfect Gallery Wall With Command Strips [No Paper Template]

Here's everything you need to know to hang the perfect gallery wall.

For these steps, I'll assume you already have the art you want in the frames.

This is a video I made on how I did my own gallery wall project.

You'll need:

  • Frames and art: Choose pieces that complement each other or make them all black and white like I did.
  • Command Strips: Select the right weight capacity for your frames. For extra security, choose strips with a higher weight capacity than your artwork.
  • Measuring tape: For precise spacing.
  • Pencil and eraser: For planning and marking.
  • Rubbing alcohol: For cleaning the wall and frame surface.
  • Level or level app: To make sure your frames hang straight.
  • Sticky notes: This is optional but it will help to number where each frame will go.
  • Partner (optional): An extra pair of hands will be useful.

Step #1 - Measuring Tips for a Balanced Gallery Wall

Measure the area where you want your gallery wall to be.

Here are some golden tips to follow if you are hanging it over furniture:

measuring the wall for grid gallery wall
  • If there is a table or sofa at the bottom of the wall, you want your frame(s) to be no more than 8-10 inches above any furniture. 
  • Your art/ gallery wall should also be 2/3 the size or 60-70% of the width of the piece of furniture.
  • The gallery wall should also be no more than 4-8 inches from the ceiling


You can use the formula [width of furniture] x 0.67 & [length of furniture] x 0.67

If you are hanging it on a wall without furniture or on an open wall, follow this measurement instead:

  • Your gallery wall should be 60-75% the width and length of the open wall


You can use the formula [width of wall] x 0.6 & [length of wall] x 0.6 or [width of wall] x 0.75 & [length of wall] x 0.75

In this case, I wanted my gallery wall to be no wider than the width of my dining table AND chairs, not just the dining table.

So I used a piece of painter's tape to mark the furthest place it could go. You can also use a sticky note. 

If that's a little confusing, here's a graphic I made that should help.

You can save it to reference it. 

how to hang art

When you work out the max width and height, tape it out on the wall to give you a guide. 

Now let's shop for your frames if you haven't already. Here's where I got mine.

Step 2- Calculate Frame Size and Spacing

Now that you know how wide and high your gallery wall should go (remember it's a guide, not a hard and fast rule).

Let's figure out the size of frames and the spacing between each frame.

grid gallery wall distance

Aim for 2 inches -3.5inches is the sweet spot.

Mine was 3.5 inches, but experiment with a larger gap if you prefer. 

Now sum up the width of the frame including the gaps and repeat for the height of the frames as well.

Why is it important?

  • You want to know exactly where to hang the first frame. Once you hang that first frame, everything else falls in place.
  • You want to be sure that the spacing you want fits within the boundary you created in step 1
  • If you haven't bought the frames yet, you know if the frames you are shopping for work for the space and if you need to go smaller or bigger.

If maths is not your cup of tea like me, use this prompt in Chat GPT or Gemini

AI prompt for hanging art


Hey ChatGPT! Can you help me calculate the size of frames I should buy for a grid gallery wall? The wall I'm working with is [x] feet wide and [x] feet high. I want to make sure the gallery wall is 2/3 the size or 60-70% less than the width of my [specific furniture]. Also, I'd like to keep the gallery wall no more than 4-8 inches from the ceiling, and I want to leave a 3.5-inch gap between each frame. Thanks!

Step 3 - Flatlay

Lay your frames flat out on a table or floor, exactly how you want them to go up and use a sticky note to name them.

This is important because it's easy to forget your original plan.

You can also take a photo and work from the photo.

frames for gallery wall

Step 4 - Hang Your First Frame

Use a spirit level on top of your frame to make sure your first frame is perfectly straight. 

hanging frames on wall

If you don't have a level, you can just use the measure app your phone.

To help with alignment when using command strips, I make small lines with my pencil on the wall at the exact bottom corners of where the frame will be.

This simple trick helps me have accurate placement when it's time to hang.

Now it's time to hang it.

using alcohol to remove oil for command strips

Wipe down the area of the frame where you will be placing the command strip with rubbing alcohol.

This is to remove any surface oil or dirt so that the command strips stick perfectly.

You can also clean the area of the wall where the command strip will sit.

There is no need to clean the entire wall. 

Stick it to the wall and hold down for 60 seconds. 

I know it might feel long and your arms will hurt but doing that will give you extra security. I have always done this and never had my frames fall off.

Step 5 - Rinse & Repeat

Now that your first frame is on, it's easy to replicate. You can can either go up and down or left to right.

couple celebrating completion of grid gallery wall

Just measure the gap, make a pencil mark on the wall, place the frame there, check that it's level.

Mark the bottom of the frame and repeat the process with the command strips till you have completed your entire gallery wall. 

It can be a long process but it's so worth it in the end. You can change your mind at any point without any nail hole in your wall. 

Common Mistakes When Hanging Frames With Command Strips

Here are some additional tips for you to hang the perfect gallery wall:

  • Use wood frames: Make sure you check that the back of the frame is not made from particle board as the strips will not stick to it as well as plastic, wood or something with a smooth surface
  • Check strip size: It's important to check not only the maximum weight of your command strips but also the width of the back of your frames to avoid accidents. You want the strips to be similar size to the back of your frame 
  • Do not use on textured walls: Don't use command strips if you have textured walls as it will not stick or cure properly


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