In this post, I am going to show you how to make a simple DIY cleansing oil that completely rinses off with just water. After reading this, I hope to God that you bin your face wipes immediately!

This simple oil cleanser takes off makeup with just water and the oils will thoroughly moisturise your skin.

Oils are literally the most effective way to cleanse your skin naturally.

But Torera, I thought oil and water don’t mix!

No, they don’t! But I’Il will show you how by adding a simple ingredient, you can make your oil emulsify when it comes in contact with water.

Why Oil cleansers?

Oil cleansers are amazing because they are the best for melting the sebum on your face. Think about it, what better thing to take off oil than oil itself?

But traditional oil cleansers were so challenging to use and took ages to come off. I would have to use washcloth after washcloth just to get the oily residue off.

So when I discovered a cleansing oil that wash off at Boots! I jumped on it and have not looked back ever since.

But the DIYer in me knew I had to try it out and make mine and of course I did a little dance inside when I figured it out!

I typically use oil cleansers as my first cleanse. Read more about why you need a second cleanse here

Here is what you’ll need (Don’t be confused by the name, they are readily available)


  • Liquid emulsifier – I use Polysorbate 80 but you can also use Cromollient SCE
  • Carrier Oil of choice or a mix of oils

How to make your amazing cleansing oil

  • Measure out 85% oil and 15% liquid emulsifier
  • Mix thoroughly and pour into a bottle of choice
  • When its time to use, shake the bottle a little and add

You can also tweak this recipe as you see fit. You are free to add essential oils like tea tree oil if you prefer. Just make sure the combination of all your oils makes up 85%

I love to keep mine really simple and use just one or two skin loving oils. Why? Because my skin is hypersensitive and I don’t want to do anything to trigger it.

Wondering what oil to use for your particular skin type? Here is a list of oils that could help you make a better decision

Best oils for different skin types

Dry skinOily skinCombination skin
Almond oilJojoba oilJojoba oil
Argan oilGrapeseed oilArgan oil
Sweet Almond oilApricot oilSunflower oil
Olive oilCastor oilCastor oil
Avocado oilTamanu oilTamanu oil

This site has listed a comprehensive list of essential oils for different skin types here

Oil cleansers are honestly the best for our skin and if you have ever try out this recipe, please let me know.

Have you ever tried oil cleansers? Let me know below!

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