Hello Ladies,

Have you ever wanted a quick and easy hairstyle that is fuss free, fail-proof and super quick? This is my go to hairstyle for days when I want to look chic with minimal effort. Best of all my fiancé does the video voice over and I must say I was very proud of him.

What you will need

Ouchless hair ties

Bobby pins

1 pack of expression hair

Gel (I used the black gel)

1 seamless large comb

Denman Brush

Hair brush


  • Comb your hair out carefully
  • Part in the middle
  • Loop hair tie between expression hair and braid it, securing the end with a hair tie
  • Divide into two or three sections and add gel section by section
  • First use large seamless brush followed by Denman then followed by the short bristle brush. This order ensures that even short hair stays flat.
  • Tie with a scarf for as long as possible
  • Attach braided expression hair
  • Secure with pins
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