6 Ideas You Can Steal From These Exquisite Kitchen Designs

Designing a kitchen that is beautiful, has a ton of storage, and is functional can actually be a huge challenge.

When we were designing our kitchen, finding something that crossed off these important things was so difficult I probably got dizzy from looking at so many pictures on Pinterest.

With the help of a designer, we finally nailed every detail we wanted and I couldn’t be more proud of the kitchen we now have. Although, if I were ever to redesign our kitchen, I would make some better decisions.

If you are in the process of planning your dream kitchen, here are some designs you should totally steal some ideas from.

Exquisite Kitchens To Inspire The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

White Marble Counters

I am starting off this idea list with my own kitchen. I am in so love with the white marble kitchen island. It’s the one piece I really wanted in my dream kitchen and I am beyond glad that I got it.

It’s such a great conversation area, the sink is right at the centre and it just makes our kitchen feel so grounded. We decided not to go with a stainless steel sink even though it is the most durable option because it didn’t quite match the aesthetic of the kitchen.

We also went with a full-height backsplash because it is so easy to clean. One thing we did to save some cost was choosing 30mm thickness for the kitchen island and 20mm for the backsplash.

For the handles, we went with brushed brass handles and knobs to mix it up and add some colour. I always thought white kitchens were boring but I really like our kitchen.

Warm Wood Cabinets

This contemporary kitchen is so approachable. The warm wood used all around the kitchen gives it a very elegant yet durable look.

Due to space limitations, the interior designers here have opted for a bar stool extension that really works to create more seating area in this open concept kitchen.

Finally, the choice of grey tiles with white grout grounds the space and cools down the warmth from the wood.

This is such an impeccable design. If I were ever to redesign a kitchen, I would certainly add some of this warmth.

What I would steal: The colour of the wood. If I had to do it again I would use this exact shade of brown.

Two Tone Cabinets

The two-tone kitchen cabinets don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There is something very balanced about black in a kitchen.

Luxury Bespoke Kitchens
Photo Credit: Sheraton Interiors

It makes the cabinets seem more solid and the lighter colour at the top draws the eye up. Sheraton Interiors have done this so beautifully.

They took it up a notch by adding warm elements to the kitchen with the rattan pendant lights, barstools, the floor and rug runner. This is truly an exquisite kitchen design.

What I would steal: The pendant lights. My boho trend era is over but those pendants are absolutely beautiful.

Dark Wood

This kitchen lends inspiration from traditional dark wood kitchens and combines that with some modern kitchen elements. I couldn’t possibly dream up this kitchen if I tried.

Photo Credit: Ellerslie Interiors

The use of white, brown and gold in this kitchen makes it difficult for your eyes to find a resting place – in this case, it’s not a bad thing at all.

The ceiling cabinets also do a lot to give it a polished, finished look I love. All of these elements help the pendant lights really become the star of the show. This is not my personal style but I can’t get over how beautiful it is.

What I would steal: Finishing off the cabinet with coving or crown moulding to give it a more traditional look.

White Kitchens

Let’s break down this absolutely beautiful white kitchen.

Exquisite kitchen designs
Photo Credit: The Verest Place

The offset rectangular tiles go up to ceiling height making them the star of the show. The black handles add a pop of colour and mixed handles create variety, giving it a very polished look.

This is one kitchen design that can easily be replicated under any budget. Whether you are investing in custom cabinets or your budget only allows for premade cabinets.

Katie of the The Verest Place elevated this kitchen even further with impeccable styling adding warm touches that tie the look together so beautifully.

What I would steal: There’s a lot I would steal from this design but please give me some of the pieces she styled with and that backsplash.

Shades of White

I remember once reading an article about the best way to warm up a white kitchen. The article talked about how using different shades of white can actually make a white kitchen feel a lot less clinical.

I totally agree and this is what L&W Custom Cabinetry & Homes do really well. There’s a robust mix of white, off-white and grey with some warmth from the pendants and bar stools.

I might be biased but there is something about a white kitchen that is timeless and makes the perfect backdrop for styling.

What I would steal: The element I would steal is not the most obvious. It is actually the off-white/grey marble countertop. There is something so subtle about the way it ties everything together. Especially the way it makes the tile backsplash the star of the show by complementing it so elegantly.

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