How To Make Moulded Candles The Right Way

What’s happening in the world? It seems everyone is now researching how to make moulded candles. Lately, I have been seeing a massive number of ads selling trendy body candles and bubble candles.

There is no doubt these candles are beautiful and the trend is not stopping anytime soon, so I will show you how to make one yourself.

how to make moulded candles

This post is all about how to make moulded candles

Moulded candles are the types of candles that are made to stand on their own. Unlike container candles, these candles are not really made for the scent, they are more decorative type candles and they honestly look so good. If this is your first time making a candle, I want you to follow this recipe precisely.

Most moulded candles are made with paraffin wax, beeswax or palm wax but my wax of choice is soy wax because I think it just looks creamy and oh so beautiful!

Types of Moulds

There are different types of moulds you can use to make your candle but I will show you the ones I love the most. We’ll start with my favourite of course:

Silicone Mould

Of all the types of moulds, this is my favourite mould to use. I am biased because of all the moulds, silicone moulds work best with soy wax. It pops out easily and has the most stunning designs and shapes in my opinion.

Polycarbonate Mould

This is a close second because it also has some really stunning shapes. Unfortunately, some types of polycarbonate moulds are not great to use with soy wax because you’ll never be able to get the candle out.

The best type of wax to use with these moulds are paraffin wax, beeswax or palm wax. That’s not to say I don’t use soy wax with these moulds, I simply use the polycarbonate moulds that come in two parts which allows them pop out pretty easily.

Plastic Mould

These moulds are also very durable and easy to work with. Depending on the type of mould you get, plastic moulds and be such an excellent choice for making moulded candles. Because I work primarily with soy wax, I also choose plastic moulds that come in two parts because they are easy to pop out.

Aluminium Mould

This is one mould I have never experimented with but many people swear by them because they are very heat resistant and durable.

Moulded Candles I Love

I have made many types of moulded candles but these are the shapes that I really love and would make over and over again. These also make excellent gifts and are really beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Body Candle Mould

how to make moulded candles

Bubble Candle Mould

how to make moulded candles

Shell Candle Mould

Where To Find unusual Silicone Moulds

When I first showed my candles on Instagram, many people asked me where they could get unique and unusual candle moulds. Here are my go-to places for sourcing unusual silicone moulds in the UK


This is my number one place for shopping for candle moulds as they are the least expensive. The snag with Aliexpress is how long it takes to have them shipped. If you have no trouble waiting, this is the number one recommended place to buy from


Here are some sellers I have bought candle moulds from on Amazon:


Etsy is another place I love to buy silicone moulds. Here are the exact items and sellers I like.

  1. Easy and Beauty. This seller’s moulds are a bit more expensive but they are of extremely high quality. You can shop on Easy and beauty by clicking here
  2. Eudora and Co also sell really high-quality moulds. You can shop on Eudora and Co by clicking here
  3. This round candle mould is very beautiful and easy to use. You can shop this round candle mould by clicking here
  4. Yet another seller with beautiful candle moulds is Sensory Seeker Box. You can shop the store by clicking here

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can also search Etsy by clicking here

Private Shops

Some other sellers I have used:

  1. Proops Brothers: I know, weird name and not the prettiest website either but the candle moulds are of really great quality. You can shop on Proops Brothers by clicking here

Choosing The Right Wick

The wick of choice for pillar candles are flat braided wicks also known as braided cotton candle wick. They look like spools of thick knitting thread and are not tabbed (have metal tabs at the end)

Adding Fragrance To Moulded Candle

This is a very debatable point and I will share based on my experience. Should you add fragrance to moulded candles?

I genuinely do not think so. Many moulded candles are hardly burned and if they are, they are burned for their beauty not necessarily to emit any type of fragrance.

Of course, if you choose to add fragrance to your candle, you can find how to add fragrance to your scented candle by clicking here.


Adding Colour To Moulded Candles

Although I don’t add fragrance to my moulded candles, you bet I add colour and one of the best ways to add colour to moulded candles is with wax dye blocks.

I find them to be the safest and most effective way to add stunning colours to your candle. Take a piece of wax dye block and add it to your wax after it has melted, mix and swirl it around.

To test the depth of the colour, use my favourite hack- a piece of white paper. I take a drop of the melted wax and drop it onto a piece of white paper leaving it to harden. In a few seconds, it should harden and then you’ll see the depth of colour know whether you want to add more dye or not.

How To Make a Moulded Candle

Finally, let’s make a moulded candle together.

how to make molded candles

What You’ll Need

  • Silicone mould or mould of choice
  • Soy wax
  • Wax dye block
  • Flat wick
  • Large eye needle
  • Blue tack
  • 2 chopstick tied at both ends/ peg



  1. Pour the wax into a double boiler to melt
  2. Whilst the wax is melting, prepare your mould. Thread the wick through the needle and pierce a hole in the centre of the silicone wax if it has none. The bottom of your silicone mould will be the top of the candle
  3. Secure the hole with some blu tack and if your silicone mould is split in half, you can secure it further with some rubber bands.
  4. Flip the mould and use some chopsticks and (or)  a peg to secure the wick, making sure it is centred
  5. Stand your silicone mould straight up, flattening the putty used to secure it at the top
  6. Check your melted wax. Once it’s all melted, use a thermometer to check that it has reached 65C
  7. Add colour and test the depth of colour as mentioned above
  8. Take off the heat and let it cool to 65 C. Add fragrance here if using any.
  9. You want it to cool to avoid air pockets and holes, now pour gently and slowly into the mould to avoid air pockets when it hardens. Leave some wax to finish it off.
  10. Leave a tiny gap at the top of the mould
  11. Let it harden for 6-8 hours and snip the wick
  12. Melt the remaining wax to about 70C. You want it hotter than the previous melt.
  13. Pour till the mould is filled. This covers up the trimmed wick and gives you a flawless finish.

Hack: You want to test your mould without a wick, colour or fragrance the first time you use it. Pour warm wax into your mould and place it on a scale when you do. Note the amount of wax you melted and the amount you poured into the mould. This will help you know how much wax to use next time. You can also reuse the wax when it hardens.

Melt Time

Although pillar candles are not really made for melting, I went ahead to test the melt time of some of the candles.

Body Mould Candle: 27 minutes

Bubble Candle: +-1 hour

Seashell candle – 2hrs 6 mins

I hope this post helps you to make really amazing moulded candles, I cannot wait to see what you create.

COMING SOON: I have an ebook all about making professional-looking candles coming soon. It will take you from beginner to candle expert in just one day. Look out for it.

This post is all about how to make moulded candles

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