Meal Prep For The Week With These 10 Easy Recipes

If you are searching for ideas you can meal prep for the week ahead, you are certainly in the right place.

Meal prepping is something I have been doing for over 2 years now. My husband and I made a decision to save more money and also live a healthier lifestyle so prepping our meals ahead of time seemed like the perfect idea.

Meal prepping really helped increase my productivity, because I can focus on working instead of cooking all the time.

These are not random ideas I pulled off the internet, they are the tried and tested meals we love as a family. I truly hope you save some of these ideas and they inspire you as you meal prep for the week.

Meal prep ideas

Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is pretty tricky to meal prep and there aren’t a lot of options. I have provided 3 solid options that you rotate from time to time. You won’t get bored with them, I promise.


Overnight oats are the easiest thing you can meal prep, they are healthy, filling, and just so delicious- depending on how you make them of course.

What I typically do when I meal prep overnight oats, is to make them in a big bowl and scoop some into jars.

This way if I have leftovers that don’t fit in the jar, I can serve myself from the big bowl- this also ensures that each jar tastes the same.

I adapted the chocolate overnight oats from Pickup Limes for a decadent chocolate overnight oat recipe that literally tastes like dessert.

You can find my version of overnight oats on my Instagram by clicking here 


Someone on my Instagram talked about this recipe so much that I had to research it and try it for myself.

Apparently, Reese Witherspoon said she has been drinking this exact smoothie every day for 9 years and she got the recipe from Kerry Washington! Can you imagine that?

Initially, when I first tasted it, I wasn’t completely sold but I downed it because of its health benefits. I then did a bit of tweaking, added an extra lemon and a bit more almond butter.

Oh my God! It is so good. My husband who never drinks anything green loved it. Not only is it extremely healthy it is actually delicious! Just tweak it to your liking.

I wasn’t even sure I could meal prep a smoothie but I accidentally left it in my fridge and by the end of the week, it still tasted amazing!

If you are looking for breakfast ideas to meal prep for the week, this is one you can most certainly try.

You can find the full recipe on Eating Well by clicking here


Although I prefer to make my sandwiches fresh, this recipe is surprisingly good. It’s not as healthy as the other options of course but it’s an excellent idea to meal prep for the week and even the month if you freeze it as she suggests.

Come on, cheat a little bit lol.

You can find the full recipe on Natasha’s Kitchen by clicking here

Lunch and Dinner Ideas

In case you are wondering why I bundled the two, I really believe lunch and dinner meal prep ideas are one and the same and can be used interchangeably. These are my favourite, most flavourful meal prep ideas that actually last an entire week or at least 4 days.

Oh, I hope you love them as much as I do.


When I first tried this recipe, I had a jaw-dropping moment because I couldn’t believe how delicious it was. This Thai Fried Rice is about the best thing I ever made and it’s amazing how well it keeps in the fridge.

I stored in the fridge and 4 days later and it still tasted great! So if you’ve ever wondered if you can meal prep fried rice, oh yes you can!

I will suggest you don’t batch cook the fried eggs though, that would be nasty 🤮

You can find this recipe over at Marion’s kitchen by clicking here


I never in my wildest dreams thought panko chicken breasts could ever be meal-prepped talk less refridgerated for an entire week. I first tried this recipe when my husband and I were experimenting with the Wagamama Chicken Katsu curry.

Whilst we don’t prep the curry, the panko fried chicken breasts have been an amazing meal prep option that we eat with other meals.

Wait, before you rush off, here’s my secret to getting them crisp and tasting like you just fried them. 

Once you fry the chicken breasts and they are all cooked through, leave them to cool and store in the fridge.

When you’re ready to reheat, don’t use the microwave. Turn your oven to 200°C, place it on a wire rack for about 5-10 minutes but please remember to keep an eye on it.

Trust me your Panko chicken breasts will be so crispy you would think you just fried them.

We also love a lot of flavour in this household so we season it to perfection (when I say we I mean he) and here is what he uses to the season our chicken breast (no measurements, sorry)

  • Salt
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Garlic granules
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt
  • Cameroon Pepper (Check Ebay for this)

This is another one of those go-to recipes that always saves the day, is flavourful and extremely easy to make.

To make this properly you want to boil your quinoa so it’s not too soggy. This recipe will show you how to cook quinoa to perfection.

All that’s left is chopping up the vegetables, mixing them in and I promise you it will last in the fridge for at least 4 days. Unfortunately, the salmon will only taste very fresh for a good three days but I promise this recipe is a lifesaver!


I made this rice dish for Christmas and it lasted me all through the week. We have always been told that fried rice does not keep well but this one does and Sisi Yemmie shows the exact hack that makes this fried rice dish the perfect lunch/dinner idea to meal prep for the week.

Be sure to adapt the recipe in a way that suits you, add prawns, chicken, beef, or even tofu to make it vegan. Don’t skimp on rosemary, it tastes really good in this fried rice and one more thing, the rice you use makes a big difference. It’s taken a bit of trial and error to find that the Golden Sella Basmati Rice is the best rice for this dish.

Click to see the brand of Golden Sella Basmati I like


Yet another lifesaver! I always make fun of my husband because this is the one recipe he brings up when I ask him for meal prep ideas. “Oh yes babe, I was thinking we could try the Tofu curry” 😒😭😂

I can’t blame the man though, it’s such an easy and delicious recipe that lasts in the fridge an entire week.

If you’re not a big fan of tofu I can understand why you might be hesitant to try this but if you do eat tofu this recipe will blow your mind. Sometimes, we add prawns to it. and that takes it to another level.

Just like most recipes, I tweak this to my liking, I actually season the tofu itself with salt and other seasonings before frying. I don’t use cumin because I am not the biggest fan. I also make mine a bit creamier and not as thick as you see in the recipe.


The different parts of this recipe can be a bit long to prep but the turkey mince itself, is so so easy. You can eat it with anything should you decide not to make a taco bowl…. yam, rice, potatoes, bread, whatever you like.

This is certainly one of my go-to recipes to meal prep for the week I don’t have time to cook and want something that’s easy yet flavourful. It lasts 4-5 days in the fridge

You can find the written recipe on Tasty by clicking here


The last recipe I will share has to be Beef Ragu! Easy, quick, flavourful, what’s not to love? I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend by now but I really love easy recipes. With this beef ragu, you can literally set it and forget it! I like to sear the beef in the pot of course but I do the rest of the cooking in a slow cooker.

I love the flavour that this brings and I can have it with pasta like the video or just plain boiled rice and some broccoli on the side.

You can find the written recipe on Recipe Tin Eats by clicking here

Meal prep containers I love

What’s a meal prep plan without meal prep containers. These are the meal prep containers I use. They have lasted me years and I am only just considering changing over to glass containers. They are BPA free and really do a good job of keeping everything sealed shut.




I really hope you try at least one of these meal prep ideas for the week. You know I am not the kind of girl who would just give you random recipes to try, these are the actual meals we have tested and tried at home and cook on a regular basis.

Happy meal prepping!


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I am super intentional about elevating my life and home. The question I always ask is, how can we do this better? I bet you are just the same! Here’s hoping this blog becomes your go to place for relatable, fuss- free home, cleaning and entertaining ideas.

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