Free Printable Move Out Cleaning Checklist for Tenants

If you need a thorough move-out cleaning checklist that guarantees your security deposit, here's the most detailed one you'll ever find! 

free move out cleaning checklist printable

Whether you are going at this alone or hiring a cleaning company, this checklist template will save you the guesswork and help you stay on track with your cleaning tasks.

I created something like this when my husband and I moved out of our apartment 2 years ago and you bet we got back every bit of our deposit. Whoop! 

I will do my best to also share some top tips that were beneficial for me when we were moving.

Have I said congratulations yet? Well, congrats on your new home, and I hope it brings you lots of joy. 

Move-Out Checklist Download

These free printable cleaning checklists will make your move-out clean an absolute breeze.

There is no second-guessing, simply tick off the tasks as you go along.

If you are hiring a professional cleaning service, simply print this out for them so that there is no ambiguity about what you need done. 

Download Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  • Deep clean oven with heavy-duty oven cleaner
  • Deep clean hob and replace any faulty parts if necessary
  • Clean extractor/range hood to remove any oil build up
  • Clean fridge inside and out
  • Sweep and clean skirting boards
  • Mop floors 
  • Clean cabinets inside and out, don't forget the handles
  • Deep clean dishwasher and check the food trap for stale food
  • Deep clean washing machine filter
  • Deep clean sink
  • Check drains for clogs
  • Clean and dry the bin and recycling
  • Wipe down counters
  • Clean and replace light fixtures
  • Clean light switches
  • Polish all stainless steel appliances 
  • Remove stains from wall or repaint

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Remove cobwebs if present
  • Clean the inside and outside of the tub
  • Check for blockage of drains
  • Clean the tile and grout lines
  • Clean shower track
  • Clean the inside and outside of the toilet
  • Clean sink 
  • Clean and shine mirrors
  • Clean and replace any dead light fixtures
  • Clean towel bar
  • Wipe light switches
  • Empty and clean cabinets inside and out
  • Sweep and mop floors

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Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean cobwebs
  • Clean and replace any dead light fixtures
  • Clean wardrobe/closet shelves
  • Clean and shine mirrors
  • Dust any remaining furniture and hard surfaces
  • Remove any stains on the wall
  • Fill any holes and repaint
  • Clean windows and vacuum window track
  • Sweep/vacuum and mop
  • Call a carpet cleaner if necessary

Living Area Cleaning Checklist

  • Remove cobwebs and dust light fixtures or ceiling fans
  • Replace any dead light bulbs
  • Remove any smudges or stains from the wall
  • Clean fireplace if applicable
  • Wipe down any shelves and surfaces
  • Fill any holes and paint over in the same colour
  • Clean the skirting/baseboards
  • Clean window sill, windows, and window tracks with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • Call in a carpet cleaner if necessary

Laundry Room Cleaning Checklist

  • Run an empty hot cleaning cycle on the washing machine with white vinegar
  • Clean washing machine filter and soap dispenser drawer
  • Clean tumble dryer lint trap and heat exchanger
  • Clean the outside of the washer and dryer
  • Clean underneath the washer and dryer if accessible
  • Clean and empty cabinets
  • Remove any cobwebs
  • Wipe down light fixtures and replace any damaged ones
  • Wipe light switches
  • Sweep or vacuum and mop floors
  • Remove dust from skirting/baseboards

Outdoor Cleaning Checklist

  • Sweep the porch, patio and walkway
  • Empty and wash the bin and recycling
  • Clean patio furniture
  • Wash windows and clean the doors
  • Empty and clean out storage areas
  • Remove weeds on driveway
  • Trim grass/plants/bushes
  • Remove any burn light bulbs
  • Clean light fixtures

Miscellaneous Cleaning Checklist

  • Check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Clean all radiators and heaters
  • Check the pressure on the boiler 
  • Check that there is no blockage on the roof gutters


Some items on the checklist may not apply to your home. Cross out any items that are not applicable to create your own personalised cleaning checklist.

Top 10 Cleaning Essentials For A Move Out Clean

No cleaning is possible without the right tools. Here are some essential items for best results and a smoother cleaning process:

  1. Broom and Dustpan
  2. Vacuum
  3. Cobweb duster
  4. Mop
  5. Microfibre towels
  6. Sponge
  7. Heavy duty oven cleaner
  8. Dish soap
  9. Vinegar
  10. Magic Eraser

For a more detailed list, see this post on 50+ Must-Have Cleaning Products For A Spotless New Apartment.

You don't need to buy everything on the list but it contains a more thorough list so you can pick and choose which ones you'll need.

Cleaning products are never a waste as you can take them with you to your new place.

Move Out Cleaning Tips

Moving out is extremely stressful so here are some of my top tips for navigating it: 

  1. Hire a cleaning company: I would never attempt move-out cleaning on my own. There is just too much to consider and clean, and it can be incredibly stressful, especially when coupled with the move to a new house. If you can afford it, please hire a professional house cleaning company.
  2. Don't pay by the hour: A move-out clean can take longer than you think so pay for the day service instead of by the hour, it will save you more money if you have a lot of rooms to cover. to get an accurate estimate, contact your local cleaning companies as this might vary from country to country. 
  3. Don't attempt cleaning until it's empty: It's a lot more stressful cleaning around boxes. Empty the house first, then clean. Don't ask me how I know this.
  4. Hire a professional carpet cleaner: If you have a lot of carpet, a professional carpet cleaner is highly beneficial to do the dirty work. I know it's an extra expense but it's so worth it. Just be sure to get someone in a few days before you move out so that it has a chance to dry properly. 
  5. Start early: Don't think you have time as your move-out date will sneak up on you fast. I recommend starting a couple of weeks or a month in advance.

FAQs on Move Out Cleaning

How long does a move out cleaning take?

This will vary depending on the size and state of the house, as well as the level of cleaning required. As a general rule of thumb:

  • One-bedroom apartment: 4 hours
  • Two-bedroom house: 6 hours
  • Three- or four-bedroom house: 8–9 hours

If the house is still furnished and full of belongings, it will take longer to clean. For reference, I lived in a one bedroom and it took roughly 8 hours as there was quite a lot to cover and we hadn't finished packing.

What should I clean first when moving out?

I would highly recommend tackling in the kitchen first when moving out.

Empty the cupboards, save for a few utensils you can use for the rest of the week, then get cleaning. The kitchen is typically the most used space in the house.

If you hardly use your kitchen, I suggest starting with your bedroom. 

Here is a suggested order for cleaning your home before moving out. If you are hiring a cleaning company to do it all at once, you may be able to save some money by handling specific tasks on your own:

  1. Kitchen: This is usually the most used room in the house, so you will spend more time cleaning it. 
  2. Bedrooms: Empty closets, save for some clothes for the time you have left. 
  3. Living room and dining room: Give all surfaces a through clean, fill any holes and restore to it to its original state.
  4. Bathrooms: Bathrooms get a lot of use and that's why it's the penultimate thing, I would tackle.
  5. Outdoor: Leave this until the last couple of days so that it's the last thing you do before you leave. However if you have a large outdoor space and lots to clear or clean, you can tackle this second.

How do you declutter fast before moving?

The fastest way to declutter is to try your best to not be emotional or sentimental about anything you own. 

  • Sort your things into three piles: keep, donate/sell, and throw away.
  • Use the 2-second rule, if it's not a yes, then it has to be a NO!
  • Ask friends or family members for help, moving is tough.

How do you clean walls after moving out?

The best thing I have found for cleaning walls is a damp magic eraser/ melamine sponge. Run under some warm water and use it damp over the stains on the wall. If the stains don't come off, you may have to repaint. 


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