Yet another blog in the blogosphere you may think. Wait! Hang on! I’ll be worth your time I promise. For now let me answer all of the questions you might have

DIY Dose Bracelet from a cellotape

I made this bracelet from cellotape :)





















Who are you?

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DIY Dose Diy bow headband

My DIY headband






















Why are you blogging?

Well, a blog is a great opportunity to share my DIY ideas and interests with the world. DIY gives me a top of the world feeling, especially when I see others recreate their versions of it. In the same way recreating a stylish piece has the most amazing effect on me; it’s almost therapeutic. It’s not just about not being able to afford the said piece; it’s more of the fulfillment you get from making something yourself.

One of my very first statement neckpieces

What will you be blogging about?

Do it yourself fashion. I will be sharing inspiration on how to create and recreate stylish fashion pieces; some with an ethnic twist. Maybe i’ll grow to share beauty DIYs someday. Let’s see where the tide blows.

I kinda got better at making statement neckpieces didn’t I?


Ok? So how can I reach you

You can find me on these platforms: Click here

I hope I answered all the questions you might have about DIYDOSE.

So what’s your take on DIY fashion? Do you like DIY fashion or would you rather buy your pieces than be caught dead with glue/needles? Do you have DIY requests/suggestions for me? Just leave it all in the comment box, I would absofrigginlutely love to hear from you. :)

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Remember! If you want it, just do it yourself.

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