The Best Ways To Organise Deep Bathroom Drawers

Deep drawers are amazing for storage, but keeping them organised can be a challenge.

organise deep bathroom drawers before and after

Those beautiful deep drawers often end up swallowing your stuff, leaving valuable space wasted at the top.

If you've been searching for ways to maximise storage in these drawers without sacrificing so much of that vertical space, you've come to the right place!

Many of the drawers in my house are deep and organising them has been really challenging for me.

This led me down the rabbit hole of researching solutions that allow me the flexibility of storing smaller items without losing so much of the space at the top.

The key to organising deep bathroom drawers is finding a solution that uses all that vertical space while keeping everything easily accessible.

Sadly there aren't many products that solve this problem.

In this post, I'll share some of the best solutions I've recently discovered and I'll keep this post updated as I find more gems!

As a fellow deep-drawer struggler, I understand the frustration. I hope these tips help you manage your own drawers!

Organising Solutions For Deep Bathroom Drawers

Option #1: Multi-Level Drawer Organiser: 

I discovered this on my Instagram and screamed YES!

If you need to store smaller items, this can be such a fantastic solution.

It's a 3-tier expandable organiser that fits into most drawers. 

It pulls out and expands really easily, allowing you to store multiple items.

It also has customisable dividers which is particularly helpful for small items. 

Here's another option with a similar system. However it's not the cheapest option out there: 

deep drawer organisation system

Here's the snag. 

They are designed for a standard size drawers, not a deep ones, but here's why I love them.

With regular organisers in a deep drawer, you can only store so much.

However, with a multi-level organiser, you can fit so much more for easy reach.

Yes you may lose some vertical space but you get to store more items. 

I hope they invent one like this for deeper drawers.

If you don't like this solution, let's move on to the next idea.

Option #2: Hidden Drawers

hidden drawers

These are the drawers in my kitchen

This is by far THE BEST solution for deep drawers in my opinion.

You get to fill that available space at the top with a drawer that slides in and out and stays hidden when the main drawer is open.

If you have the skills to DIY this yourself, here's a video that might help. 

If not, you can hire a carpenter to make this for you.

My kitchen drawers came with these hidden drawers and I know I will have to DIY if I need to recreate in my bathroom drawers.

Option #3: Stackable Drawer Organisers

This is the another really good solution that truly utilises that vertical space in deep bathroom drawers.

Stackable organisers come in different forms these days and I will show you a few.

Some are slidable, where you can see both layers at the same time whilst some simply stack on top of each other. 

One way to really get the best out of these stackable organisers is to keep backstock or bulk items of the same product at the bottom and use the one on top for everyday items.

For example, toothpaste. You can have spare toothpaste tubes in packs at the bottom and the toothpaste in use at the top. 

There are two main options here.

You can either get these acrylic stacking bins which are perfect for storing backstock at the bottom.

The other option are bamboo stacking bins that are of different sizes.

Option #4: Large Bins

If the first three options are way out of your comfort zone or reach, let me show you another option.

It's my least favourite option but it might be perfect for what you need. 

Try using large plastic bins that are the same height as your bathroom cabinets or drawers. 

This way you can store items of different categories in each separate bin.

You can also sort them by similar items or groups.

For example, all makeup brushes or products can go in one bin and toiletries in another. 

I know it's not the greatest idea out there but it's a really great way to compartmentalise the available drawer space.

Option #5: Change What You Store In Them

The last option I will share with you is changing the use of your bathroom drawers.

Tissue paper in drawer

This is by far one of the easiest ways to take advantage of those deep drawers. 

Deep drawers are actually made so that you can store taller or larger items in them.

Instead of trying to fit all your small items (like bobby pins and earbuds) and dealing with the frustration of underutilised vertical space, store larger items instead.

Here are some ideas for larger items to store in those deep drawers that will grant you easy access to everything at the same time: 

  • Hair supplies: You can easily stack your hair products in a basket and still be able to access them easily on wash day
  • Hair tools: Things like your curling iron and hair dryer can easily fit into those deep drawers if they are stacked upright and put in baskets.
  • Toilet paper: You can simply store a back stock of toilet paper here and this will provide extremely easy access to them
  • Towels: If your bathroom doesn't get as humid as mine does, storing your towels here might be a good option. Deep bathroom drawers can actually make an excellent mini linen closet.

Final Thoughts

Deep drawers are so good for storage but can also be a challenge.

I have explored some creative solutions to maximise the space and keep everything accessible.

From multi-tiered organisers to hidden drawers and stackable bins, there's an option for every DIY skillset and budget.

Don't forget – if all else fails, rethink what you store in your deep drawers!

As promised. I will keep this post updated with more options in the future.

If you have any questions, send me a DM on Instagram and I'll be more than happy to answer. 



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