The Best Scrub Daddy Dupes On Amazon

If you have ever used the popular Scrub Daddy sponges, you know how amazing they are. You are probably also aware of how quickly they disintegrate making them really expensive to replace.

Finding an exact dupe for Scrub Daddy is hard. This is because Aaron Krause, the founder, engineered this polymer sponge and the combination of ingredients is known only to him. However, there are many thermal sponges on the market that work just as well.

I will keep looking and testing and will keep this article updated with the best Srub Daddy Dupes on the market.

Best Scrub Daddy Dupes on Amazon And Online

I have searched thoroughly and not all the sponges are available on Amazon. Here are some of the best alternatives I have found online so far.

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1. Magic Sponge:

I discovered this sponge by accident and it is by far the best scrub daddy dupe I have used. The actual name is Magic Carborundum Sponge. It looks like a sanding block but when you wet it, it actually becomes soft but firm and you can use it to wash many surfaces in your kitchen without it scratching.

Scrub Daddy Dupe

Promising review: “Very very good. Almost too good!! Do not use it on the oven glass.!! These will scratch glass. On anything else like pans and oven interiors, these are very good. They’re a bit on the thin side, but that doesn’t detract from what they do.”

2. Dishmatic Flower Power:

This is a thermal sponge that is really close to texture of Scrub Daddy and is a fraction of the price. It goes soft in warm water and firm in cold water. It is available in the Poundshop

Product description: “Get rid of stubborn stains with minimal effort, the flower shape makes cleaning in corners a breeze.

3. Buzz Scrub Sponge:

This is also another thermal sponge similar to Dishmatic and is a great alternative to Scrub Daddy. It’s available in Savers and Morrisons. I also found a website that stocks it for only £1.

Product Description: “Once the sponge is soaked in warm water it allows for softer normal use, but then the sponge is completely dry it is designed to tackle tough jobs such as burn on grease.”

Buzz Scrub Sponge

4. Buzz Dish Block Scrub ‘n’ Wipe:

This is another thermal sponge by Buzz that is an exact Scrub Mummy Dupe. It is a combination of a thermal sponge and a regular soft sponge. It is available on this website.

Buzz Dish block

Product Description: “For cleaning both easy and tough stains, just lather the block up and wipe down the surface in one motion.”

5. Microfiber Sponges:

I was hesitant to add these microfiber sponges to the list as these don’t really scrub caked-on food as well but if you are looking for sponges that won’t scratch surfaces, they work beautifully.

Microfiber Sponge
Microfiber sponge

Promising review: “Work well and washable. The first one lasted for about six weeks plus of constant use. Cleaned stainless and PTFE (Teflon) surfaces both well without scratching.”

Other Thermal Sponges Outside The UK

If you live outside the UK, here are some sponges I have found that are great dupes:

  1. Dawn Thermal Scrub
  2. Jetz-Scrubz Scrubber Sponge
  3. Scrub It Scrubber

If you are into sustainiability and want to investigate how eco friendly Scrub daddy is, I go in-depth here.

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