Have you ever tossed an old purse away because you thought it was useless?

Well… You can turn it into a beautiful statement necklace in some really easy steps.

In the video I show you the method which I learnt from one of my favourite diy bloggers back in 2011.

In case you have any trouble understanding the video Follow these easy steps.


  • Cut a length of embroidery thread that is 4 times longer than your chain
  • Thicken it about 15 times or as thick as you desire
  • Do the same for another thread colour and knot at the end
  •  Put a bobby pin through the strands and start weaving
  • An easy mnemonic I use to remember the pattern is: left- right- over- under
  • Remember that two colours go in one hole, all thread is passed from under and when you pass the thread to the right, the one on the right goes over it. It is really easy I promise. You just need to practice.
  • Finish off the end with whatever you like: a chain or clasp. In my case I used another thick piece of thread.


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