The Best Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Dupes on Amazon

Are you looking for an alternative to the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster?

The great news is that, unlike Scrub Daddy sponges, these Damp Duster dupes are not hard to find and you'd be spoilt for choice.

The best part? They're just as effective as the real thing.

Maybe you love the product, but you're not so crazy about the price. Or maybe you're just looking for a different option. Whatever your reason, I'm here to help.

Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Dupe

In this post, I'll share the best Scrub Daddy Damp Duster dupes on Amazon.

These dupes are just as effective at trapping dust and dirt, however, I must say that they're priced similarly to the Scrub Daddy version.

Although some offer more than one for the same price.

Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. Being adventurous can lead you to your perfect tool or brand!

Here are my top picks both on Amazon and Online:

#1 Geeke Super Absorbent Damp Duster Sponge

This is the most popular Damp Duster Dupe you'll find on Amazon.

You can get these in individual packs or a pack of three and having used it, I can confidently tell you that it works the same as the original Scrub Daddy Sponge. 

Super absorbent so you can use them to mop up spills but also picks up dust and is excellent at getting the cat fur off our sofa and curtains!! Much cheaper than the scrub daddy ones and work exactly the same.

Beth Rose

Amazon Reviewer

#2 Spunj Flower Cleaning Pad

I bought this before I ever even bought the Scrub Daddy and it's REALLY GOOD! If you need a large duster to quickly cover large surface areas, this is not the one.

However, If you are looking for a mini damp duster that fits into a small caddy, the Spunj Flower Cleaning Pad will be your best friend. 

Although it is shaped differently from the original Scrub Daddy damp duster, it's still effective and the curved corners easily navigate hard-to-reach areas. 

Product Description: "These sponges absorb water 7x its weight and can be used to wipe up liquids in just seconds. Use it like a cloth and mop around the sink, on surfaces, and for those spills around the kitchen and home. Great for damp dusting." 

Spunj Flower Cleaning Pad

#3 Spunj The Ultra Thirsty Sponge

Just like its sister, the flower cleaning pad, this Spunj sponge is excellent for damp dusting.

It is sized like a regular sponge and fits in the palm of your hand. Don't let the smooth surface fool you, it picks up a large amount of dust and soaks up liquid. 

So I got sucked into the whole TikTok cleaning thing and thought I'd been suckered into buying these... but they are AMAZING! Great for dusting, cleaning glass, getting marks off walls and paintwork, mopping up spills... literally everything! Yes, I'm a sad old biffer for getting excited about a sponge but I don't care. I love spunj... I love spunj...


Amazon Reviewer

#4 MR.SIGA Sponge Duster

Similar to the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster, this sponge has a ridged surface to ensure it holds on to as many dust particles as possible. 

To be honest I did not hold out much hope for this product, they are much more rigid than I thought they would be. However, they cleaned my nightmare shiny surface like a dream and with only water. So a big winner in my book.

P Allen

Amazon Reviewer

#5 Fikoksol Damp Duster

I thought I'd share one last dupe that is a relatively nameless brand but looks exactly like the Scrub Daddy version.

In fact, there are so many generic name brand alternatives like this. Unlike the smiley face sponges from Scrub Daddy, the technology of the dusting sponge is much easier to copy. 

{READ: The Best Scrub Daddy Dupes On Amazon}

These work just like Scrub Daddy brand ones. They pick up dust so well and it washes right off like magic. You will find so many uses for them. Definitely a must have.

Matthew Schneider

Amazon Reviewer

Alternatives to The Damp Duster

Whilst the sponge is a great product for damp dusting, I thought I'd share some other alternatives you can use that don't look like a sponge. You might even already have some of them. 

Remember, you don't always have to buy a bunch of products to effectively clean your home: 

#1 Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Towel

This new Scrub Daddy Product is amazing and I haven't seen too many dupes on the market, however, that could change very soon.

It is also excellent for wiping up spills and removing dust from hard surfaces but it is shaped more like a cloth. 

#2 Sponge Cloths

I first discovered these at a friend's house when I offered to help do the dishes. I cleaned around the sink and in one swipe it absorbed all the water. I was sold. The surface was also slightly textured. I have no doubt that this would be an amazing product for damp dusting. 

#3 Microfiber Cloths

Yes, A good microfiber cloth is excellent for damp dusting. Just use it damp and go over any surface you would like to clean. However, it may not be as quick as using a damp duster. It might also need a wash after you are done dusting, unlike the damp duster that only needs a quick rinse under the tap.


Other Ways To Use A Damp Duster

The appeal of the Scrub Daddy damp duster is it is such a versatile product.

We all know they are excellent for window blinds, skirting boards, and radiators, but you can also use them for the following: 

  • Soak up spills
  • De-mist mirrors
  • Remove pet hair from carpets
  • Wipe shower screen
  • De-mist car windshield

Here's a TikTok Video that shows how it's used:

@vanesamaro91 Have you tried @Scrub Daddy Damp Duster? It is my favorite!! #clean #dust #trending #viral #scrubdaddy ♬ cardigan - Taylor Swift

FAQs on Damp Dusting

What is damp dusting?

Damp dusting is a way of removing dust from surfaces with a damp sponge or cloth. It is a preferred and more effective method for dry dusting because all the dust is trapped and isn't floating around in the air. 

How to do damp dusting?

To damp dust, simply dampen your cloth or sponge with warm or cold water and wring it out until it is damp, not dripping wet. Then, wipe down the surface you want to clean.

Don't forget the corners and edges, where dust can accumulate.

What can I use for damp dusting?

You can use many things for damp dusting, including:

  • Microfiber cloths

  • Damp dusters

  • Sponge Cloths

Simply wet under a cold or warm water tap and wring. It is important to avoid using paper towels for dusting, as they can easily disintegrate and leave behind a lot of lint.

Is damp dusting better than dry dusting?

Absolutely, damp dusting is so much better than dry dusting because it traps all the dust instead of stirring it up into the air.

Damp dusting is also better for people with allergies, as it reduces the amount of dust in the air.

Is the damp duster worth it?

I think this depends on your individual needs. If you have allergies, a damp duster can be a good investment.

However, if you only need to dust occasionally, a regular microfiber cloth or sponge may be sufficient.

How long does Scrub Daddy Damp Duster last?

The Scrub Daddy Damp Duster should last about 6 months depending on how frequently you use it. Mine has lasted me a year because I don't use it very often. 


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