15 Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him Shared By Real Women

This post is all about Valentine’s day ideas for him

Men are so difficult to shop for, we all know that by now. Even more so in this strange time where holidays and date nights at restaurants are completely out of the question.

Do we just buy the old underwear and sock valentine’s day cliche? How can we be more creative?

I asked a few women on my Instagram what they are getting for their significant other for valentine’s day and I got some hilarious responses

Have men stopped receiving boxers for Valentine’s day?😂 – Amina

Some of us don’t have men, Torera – Praise 

This next response had me a little confused

Boyfriends usually want other girls for Valentine’s day- Deanie

Okay, let’s come back to earth for a second. I am assuming you celebrate Valentine’s day, of course, else you wouldn’t be reading this.

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to finally make a decision on what to buy for him for Valentine’s day. But if you just want to know what I am getting, scroll all the way to the end.

valentine's day gifts


This came up a lot! 

Early morning sex, breakfast in bed, baby him all day, then sex for sleep therapy once again! – Jola

My husband wants Converse and Tantric s*x – Ria

Can someone please explain to me what tantric s*x even means? 😂

Restaurant home kit

We will be celebrating lockdown Valentine’s Day by cooking a home-cooked meal (we do this most years) or maybe this year we will try one of the home kits from one of the fancy restaurants! -Sam

I love this idea so much. The Infatuation has a wonderful article with a full list of restaurants offering home kits

Laptop bag and wallet

I have noticed his laptop workbag getting old so I will replace that along with his wallet – Judith

portable vacuum cleaner

I would like a portable vacuum cleaner – Yomi

This is such a practical gift idea, I like it!

podcast station Accessory

Men are so hard to shop for. I got him a nice microphone for Christmas to support his goal of starting a podcast so I will add another accessory he needs for his podcast station- Mo’

Valentine's day meal idea

Gift Basket

The problem is men don’t want to talk – acting like they don’t like gifts. Mine would appreciate a gift basket of some sort with some beer, snacks, quality socks, his favourite beard care products as well – Marilyn


Mine wants shares in BYD (A Chinese Firm) I just might cave in and do it – Vanessa

A home-cooked meal and Pedicure

Definitely a home-cooked meal – I may try to replicate his favourite dishes from our favourite restaurants. Maybe give him a pedicure too… his feet for sure misses his pedicurist 🤣

I would prepare a sumptuous dinner for 2 as restaurants are closed. We would both dress up and be super cheesy and I would write a poem which I would read to him after dinner – Rose

This collapsible pedicure bucket has been a life-changer for me. It collapses and fits in the corner of my bathroom. Love it!

Perfume and Wallet

I don’t have a man, technically but I know the closest one to me would appreciate a perfume and a wallet…overheard him talking about it… Naomi, Banker

Perfume is always a winner for me – Pelumi, Travel Blogger

Mine said anything works but I think I’d get him a really nice perfume – Sisianie

I agree, if you want to play it safe, perfume is always a lovely gift

Something Personalised

I don’t know if it’s what men want, but I like getting personalized gifts (actually I do this for most people 😂) and so I order stuff on Etsy, like maybe stuff embroidered with initials, or items with themes that people like – music-themed items for music buffs, engraved jewelry, etc – Lamide

I think he would like some personalised jewelry – Ada

Something Expensive

Last time I got him really expensive socks he liked (Bombas) but I have no idea for the upcoming one – Tomide, Entrepreneur

Quality Time

Hubby wants quality time. That’s all he asked for – Ndey

Food, chill, and sex. What else is there to Valentine’s day? – Esther

My boyfriend will certainly want to see me because we are in a long-distance relationship – Chimdi

I asked my man and he said “All I want is you” – Olawunmi

Good food and a day alone without our child – Bemi

Good food, good uninterrupted long sex and good sleep without waking a child to pee – Tosin

He said he just wants my presence but I went ahead and got him clothes – Mrs A

A Love note

A sweet special love note is something he would appreciate – Blythe

Coffee Cup

Does he drink tea or coffee? I got my man a temperature control cup by Ember – Bey
 Okay, I love this idea and might even get one for myself!


PS5 – Tiwa

If I had a man I would get him a Ps5 as that would have been hard to get over the holiday

He wants a smartwatch – Tinu

A pixel 5 – Fola

Mine wants the latest Ps5 game but I can’t afford that right now – Omon

Noise-canceling headphones like Beats by Dre Solo Pro – Tae’

My husband has been talking about transistor radio for months and that will certainly be his Valentine’s gift – Korede

What I am getting him for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Ideas For Him

These are all excellent Valentine’s day ideas for him and I am sure by now you must be asking what ideas I have for Valentine’s day. I’ll be extremely honest, I hadn’t given it much thought until very recently but let me quickly share something my husband did for me that would make an excellent gift idea.

2 years ago we were supposed to visit Paris but we couldn’t get my visa in time. Want to know what my dear husband did? He dressed up in a suit, printed photos of the important locations in Paris, had geranium rose essential oil diffusing with a french themed Spotify playlist for ambience. He dimmed the lights in the hallway and served me French cuisine (store-bought but let’s give him an A for effort)

Imagine my shock when I returned from work to find my husband in the hallway, dressed in a suit with a red rose in hand and speaking the little French he knows😂. He lit up our curtains with some string lights and called it the Eifel Tower and used up all our printer ink😂 to educate me about the different locations in Paris.

That day was special, I remember it like it was yesterday. I truly hope this inspires you and I wish you a happy Valentine’s day

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  1. 2.9.21
    Mayowa said:

    I loved the Paris inspired one. I feel it’s quite hard to get gifts for men. I actually texted my guy friend this morning for inspiration and I had gifted everything he suggested at some point.
    Sha, I’m going for a smart watch and a perfume.

    • 2.9.21
      torera said:

      I think a smartwatch and perfume is always a safe choice! And the Paris one was honestly the sweetest thing ever!!!

  2. 2.9.21
    AgboolaS said:

    Love this!
    The effort and thought put into this shines through!

    • 2.9.21
      torera said:

      That means so much!!!! So glad you see it

  3. 2.9.21
    Les said:

    Mine wants a smart watch.
    But his birthday was last month and I paid for quite an elaborate experience. Anniversary is close as well. I hate the first quarter. Lol.

    • 2.9.21
      torera said:

      Girl save your money!!!!! I’m pretty sure he will understand or just set up a small picnic and play some board games. Still fun but on a budget

    • 2.9.21
      Kemi said:

      Last year, I gifted my husband the new Liverpool jersey and customised his favourite player’s name behind. He was so happy about it. For Christmas, I gifted him a PS5 and he was beyond excited, lol.

      • 2.10.21
        torera said:

        I love this idea!!!! Been searching for a PS5 as well…where did you get it?

  4. 2.9.21
    Lizzy O said:

    Oh I love these. And that Paris story is just the most beautiful. Aww.

    • 2.9.21
      torera said:

      Thank you boo boo

  5. 2.9.21
    Eva said:

    That was soooo super thoughtful of him! Paris in London!

    Thanks for the ideas. I’m thinking a PS5 right now. I wonder where I can get one before 14th

    • 2.9.21
      torera said:

      Honestly very thoughtful. I have checked but I cannot find a Ps5 anywhere. If you find please let me know

  6. 2.9.21
    Oyin VA said:

    I’m pretty sure my Captain wants a day without the kids, some new restaurant to try out and lots and lots of S.

    • 2.9.21
      torera said:

      Can you spell out the S part please? I don’t understand lmao

  7. 2.10.21
    Ibukun said:

    Really enjoyed reading this Torera. I was like omg this is so true throughout, omo mehn wahala for who no get boo oh! *coughs in Ibukun

    • 2.10.21
      torera said:

      Hahhaha! Wahala o! But seriously valentine’s day can be such a big reminder if one is single. Girl buy yourself some flowers and don’t let anyone oppress you

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