How To Wash A Spin Mop Head In The Washing Machine: 5 Brilliant Tips

Need some quick tips to wash your spin mop heads in the washing machine without ruining them?

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I'll show you how I get my dirty spin mop heads to look (almost) new again and last up to six months! Yes! six months!

washine machine setting for spin mop

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Before we moved into our new home, one of my first purchases was a Vileda Microfibre Spin Mop. 

I know, who buys a mop before moving into their new home? I bought them because they are one of the best ways to clean all types of floors.

Microfibre mops are amazing for getting clean floors but if you don't clean them the right way, they wont last very long or even clean the floors as well as they should. 

So here’s are my top tips for washing them PROPERLY in a washing machine.

Spin Mop Washing Instructions

spin mop in washing machine

Tip #1: Remove Spin Mop Head For Washing

My first tip is to make sure you get a detachable machine-washable mop head like this one from Vileda.

You can do this easily by lifting the plastic head firmly till it unclips from the base. 

Detach it from its head and remove as much fluff and hair as you possibly can.

You can do this by hand or with a lice comb to get as much out as possible.

Action Step: Check if your mop is machine washable, detach it from the base, and remove as much fluff and hair as you can by hand or with a lice comb.

Tip #2: Pre-Soak Your Mop Head

If you want to give your mop some thorough cleaning, pre-soak it in some oxygen bleach or sodium per carbonate. 

pre wash microfiber mop heads.

If your washing machine has a pre-soak function, you can do this step in your machine.

This will help loosen the dirt from the microfibres and make it (really) clean again.

Action Step: Pre-soak your microfibre mop heads in clean water with some mild detergent, oxygen bleach, or sodium per-carbonate.

Tip #3: Best Temperature To Wash Mop Head

It’s best practice to use warm water for all microfibres.

Hot water can weaken the fibres over time as they are made of polyester and polyamide (nylon). I share more on microfibre care here. 

Generally, many microfibre mops are machine washable at 60°C but it is much better to wash them at 30-40°C with a gentle detergent.

If the temperature of the water is above 30-40°C it can eventually ruin your mop. 

If you wash at lower temperatures and a gentle wash, you get to keep your mop heads to last for much longer and not have to replace as often.

Action Step:  Set the machine temperature to 30°C, 40°C, or cold water and wash on a gentle cycle.

Tip #5: Wash Spin Mop Separately

My final tip is to not wash your mop with regular laundry.

Lint from your cotton clothes especially towels, dirty rags, socks, etc will catch on to the mop fibres making them less effective.

So try your best to wash it with other microfibre cloths or just wash it alone.

Action Step:  Don’t wash your detachable mop head with other fabric. Wash alone or with other similar microfibre cloths.

spin mop

How To Dry Your Mop Head

Now that you’ve washed the detachable head of your mop, it’s time to dry it. But can you dry a mop head in the dryer?

Drying your wet mop heads in the dryer is a very debatable topic and there are so many arguments for or against this. 

Here’s what I think.

In order to get the best results, the most effective way to dry your mop head is to air dry them.

Air drying keeps them lasting longer and you won’t need to worry about heat ruining the microfibres.

You may dry it occasionally in the dryer if you have really bad weather or you are pressed for time.

Remember to use a low heat setting, between 49-57°C (120-135°F). 

Best Practices To Make Your Spin Mops Last Longer

No matter how well you care for your mop, there is no doubt you may have to replace the head after about 3-4 months (I stretch mine for 6 months).

However, here are some best practices you can follow to maintain your mop and keep it looking and working like new.

  • Wash immediately after use. If you are feeling lazy, soak it in a cleaning solution of water and a mild laundry detergent. If you leave dirt on for too long, it becomes much harder to clean.
  • Don’t use bleach. Bleach will damage the fibres and affect how well it works over time.
  • Don’t use fabric softener as it will coat the fibres and your mop will not be as effective.
  • Don’t wash with other clothes. There is a good chance the lint from your clothes will be absorbed by your mop.
  • Air dry as much as possible or on a low heat setting without dryer sheets. Excessive heat can make your microfibre mops less effective.

Best Spin Mop On The Market

If you are in the market for a good and efficient microfibre mop, I highly recommend the Vileda mop.

Vileda spin mop

I have been using the brand for close to five years and they are brilliant.

I started with the spray mop pad and I now have the spin mop which has been so good at cleaning my hardwood floor.

I did a quick search for spin mops on Amazon and here are some with excellent reviews:

  1. Vileda Easy Wring and Clean Microfibre Mop and Bucket with Power Spin Wringer
  2. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System
  3. Simpli-Magic Spin Mop 4 Heads Included

FAQs On How To Clean Spin Mop Head

How often should mop heads be washed?

Wash your mop head after every use!

This is the best way to keep them clean. If you are in a hurry, soak it in soapy water until you can give it a proper clean.

How do you deep clean a spin mop?

Soak your spin mop head in warm water with oxygen bleach (not regular bleach!) for 1-2 hours.

Then, wash it by hand or in the machine and let it air dry completely.

The oxygen bleach works really well to remove stains and make it white again without destroying its fibres.

How do I get my mop head white again?

In order to get your mop white again, I suggest using oxygen bleach as opposed to household bleach.

Regular household bleach slowly erodes the fibres of your mop.

Oxygen bleach however is far more gentle. Give your mop a good soak with some oxygen bleach and warm water and wash as normal.

This will keep it looking white for a long time.

How to wash Vileda spin mop head?

You can wash your Vileda Spin mop like any other microfibre spin mop head:

Detach: Unclip the mop head from it's base.

Pre-soak: You may pre soak in oxygen bleach for 1 hour for a more thorough clean.

Wash: Hand wash or machine wash up to 30°C (avoid fabric softener). Air dry completely.

Avoid: Avoid using regular household bleach or washing with other fabric types that are not microfibre.

How to disinfect mop head?

The best way to disinfect your mop head is to wash it in the washing machine on HOT (60°C+).

It is not recommended to wash your microfibre mops at such high temperatures. 

However, if your goal is to disinfect it, you may occasionally wash it at temperatures over 60°C because lower temperatures may not remove all the germs and bacteria. 

Bleach might be tempting for disinfecting it because it kills germs, but bleach will kill your microfibre mop. 

Stick to the hot water wash (occasionally) to disinfect your mop head.

Can you wash Vileda mop head?

Yes! Most Vileda spin mop heads can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature between 30-40°C, using a gentle detergent.

Can you wash a mop in the washing machine? 

Generally, microfibre mop heads are machine washable but it depends on the mop head material.

Check the care instructions for your specific mop.


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