What’s For Dinner This Week? (These Will Make You Lick Your Plate)

There’s no question that sends me into a mini panic like the words: What’s for dinner this week?

What's for dinner this week

Cooking is only half the task, coming up with ideas to cook is the real challenge. This is why I have an abundance of cookbooks and lists to pull from so that my brain doesn’t go into overdrive. I really hate researching what meals strike the balance between healthy, filling, and more importantly, flavourful.

There are weeks where I am so organised, I have shopped all my groceries and meals are packed and prepped for the week. There are other weeks where that is just not the case and I need a ideas.

If this is something you struggle with as well, here are some easy dinner recipes that you can whip up.

Let me say before I share that I combine a lot of recipes to make a really good recipe that works for me. I don’t always follow recipes to the letter.

Dinner Recipe Idea #1- Burrito bowl

A burrito bowl is one of my favourite things to meal prep because it is delicious, filling and really healthy.

Whilst the recipe above shows how to prep the bowl, here how I tweak it to make it work for me.

Coriander Rice

To make this quick, I purchased this Tilda Rice. It is incredibly tasty and makes prepping dinner a lot quicker.


The recipe from FabLunch in the video above is great but I skip the cumin, however, that’s just my personal preference


Whilst the salsa recipe from the video is great, this is the salsa recipe I have tried. Click here to watch the video. The video cannot be embedded, else I would have embedded for you.


OMG Delicious is not even the word to describe it. To take the Salsa recipe up a notch, I mix in this salsa sachet and it just brings it together and tastes like something that’s store-bought.

If you are short on time, of course, feel free to buy some storebought salsa. If you have time, make the recipe, it’s so worth it!

Dinner Recipe Idea #2 -CURRY GOAT

I like this recipe because although it takes ages to make, it’s a set it and forget it kind of dish. I have tried different techniques of making curry goat and the videos below have given me the best techniques. However here are some extra tips…

Tips for making the curry goat amazing..er

  1. Season generously and marinate overnight
  2. Brown the meat in some oil before slow cooking. To do this successfully, heat your pot with a little bit of oil and let it get realllllly hot. Once it’s hot, put the seasoned goat meat in and don’t overcrowd it, if you do, it will stew.
  3. Add some leftover seasoning close to the end of the cooking to amplify the flavour

With all that said, here are the two recipes I follow:

Now boil some boil, and it’s ready to go!!!

I hope these gave you some ideas for dinner this week. I particularly enjoyed them, they were flavourful and just incredibly delicious!!!

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