Download 10+ Free Office Cleaning Checklist Templates in Excel

Have you been searching for a comprehensive and free cleaning checklist for your office? You have come to the right place. I have created over 10 Excel checklists that will simplify the process of cleaning your office.

Free Office Cleaning Checklist Templates in Excel

I love checklists because they act as a guide, whether you handle the cleaning yourself or outsource it to cleaning services. They ensure that certain corners are not overlooked (I see you, light switches).

A clean office truly enhances productivity, creates a healthy work environment, and leaves a lasting impression on both employees and guests.

Even if you are looking for a checklist for personal use, these templates are ideal because they help you stay on top of all your cleaning tasks.

Also, remember that you can adjust the templates accordingly. If your office does not get a lot of foot traffic, you don’t have to clean on a daily basis.

Being in Excel format, they allow for easy editing, and you can easily transfer them to Google Sheets if you prefer.

How to Use the Office Cleaning Checklist Templates

Here’s how to use the templates and customise them to fit your unique needs:

  1. Click the download button under the checklist you prefer. You can preview the template via the images provided under each section.
  2. Edit and customise the checklist in Excel as needed. You can assign responsibilities to different team members and tailor it based on your specific office requirements.
  3. If you don’t have Excel, you can convert the template to Google Sheets for easy access and editing.

Free Cleaning Schedule Templates

General Office Cleaning Checklist 

This checklist covers the various areas of your office that require cleaning. You have the flexibility to determine which areas you want to address and whether they should be cleaned weekly or monthly. You can also give this checklist to a professional cleaning service as a guide for the specific areas you want them to focus on.

General Office Cleaning Template

Daily Cleaning Checklist 

Having a daily cleaning checklist acts as a simple yet effective to-do list for your daily office cleaning.

In this checklist I cover essential cleaning tasks like dusting, vacuuming, taking out the bin, and sanitising frequently touched surfaces.

Daily Office Cleaning Template

Weekly Cleaning Checklist 

There are important tasks that must be done weekly to maintain a pristine work environment.

This checklist outlines these weekly tasks which can also be outsourced to a professional or passed on to your office manager. You might also prefer the option of doing some daily tasks yourself whilst outsourcing the weekly tasks. 

Weekly Office Cleaning Template

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Monthly Cleaning Checklist 

This checklist is designed to help you achieve a clean work environment. It’s easy to forget simple tasks like restocking paper towels. This Monthly Cleaning Checklist covers everything you need to stay on top of on a monthly basis. 

Monthly Office Cleaning Template

Reception Area Cleaning Checklist

I created this Reception Area Cleaning Checklist specifically to assist you in maintaining a clean and inviting atmosphere in your reception area.

This is particularly crucial because the last thing you want your clients to see is a dusty lamp tucked away in a corner. The reception area is the space that leaves a first impression of your office, so it’s essential to keep it in top condition.

Office reception cleaning template

Restroom/ Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Restroom cleaning is one of the most important areas because they get a lot of traffic and get dirty really quickly.

This checklist covers so much more that cleaning the important bathroom surfaces. It covers everything from disinfecting toilets and sinks to cleaning mirrors and restocking toilet paper and supplies. 

Office restroom cleaning template

Kitchen and Breakroom Cleaning Checklist

The kitchen is also another area that requires a lot of attention because it gets a ton of use. This is why I cover a range of tasks, like cleaning microwaves and coffee makers, wiping down countertops and washing dishes. 

Office kitchen breakroom cleaning template

Conference/ Meeting Room Cleaning Checklist

This checklist covers all the necessary tasks to ensure a clean and professional environment for your meetings meetings.

I have listed tasks such as dusting tables, wiping down chairs, cleaning whiteboards or presentation screens, and checking equipment for proper functionality. I hope you are able to create a great meeting atmosphere by following this checklist.

Office meeting room cleaning template

Cubicle and Workstation Cleaning Checklist

This checklist covers essential tasks you can pass on to your team or employees to ensure everyone keeps a clean and hygienic personal workspace.

You may also share this with a cleaning professional. It includes tasks like cleaning the desk surface, sanitising the keyboard and monitor, decluttering the area, and organising office supplies.

Nothing improves productivity like a clean workspace. With this checklist, you can keep your cubicle or workstation in top shape.

Office cubicle workstation cleaning template

IT Equipment Cleaning Checklist

Tasks like dusting computers, monitors, keyboards and mice, can often be overlooked if you don’t have a checklist like this.

By following this list regularly, you can prevent dust buildup and keep your expensive equipment working properly. 

Office IT equipment cleaning template

Outdoor Area Cleaning Checklist

Outdoors can be just as important and indoors because this creates a real first impression of your office space.

Tasks like sweeping walkways, cleaning exterior windows, and maintaining outdoor furniture can easily be forgotten without a checklist like this to refer to. 

I hope this list helps you create a clean environment that leaves a good impression on both employees and visitors. 

Office outdoor cleaning template

Maintaining a Clean Office 

In order to maintain a consistently clean office environment, it is essential to establish some consistency.

When you download these templates to simplify your cleaning process, make sure to customise them to suit your office space and, most importantly, USE THEM on a weekly basis.

Depending on the size of your office, you may consider hiring an office manager whose responsibility would be to ensure everyone fulfils their cleaning duties.

In my previous office, for instance, we had to clear our desks every day without exception, and the office manager played a crucial role in enforcing this rule. Additionally, the office manager can oversee cleaning supplies, equipment, and maintenance to keep everything in order.

For larger teams, it is beneficial to employ a professional cleaner who can focus on specific areas such as common areas, reception area, kitchen, etc. This ensures thorough cleaning and upkeep in these key areas.


Motivating employees and maintaining regular communication with them are important factors for achieving success.

You can design these checklists as visually appealing mini checklists, to help team members easily see their roles until it becomes a habit.

Throughout this article, I have emphasised the importance of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routines, along with the specific checklists tailored to different areas of the office.

By following these checklists and establishing a consistent cleaning schedule, you can ensure that your office remains clean, organised, and welcoming for all team members and visitors. Even if you are a sole proprietor, having a clean space is important.

I highly recommend downloading the free Excel templates provided in this article and converting them to Google sheets if you prefer.

Happy cleaning!

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